We have been truly fortunate to have met some amazing couples and clients. It means the world when we have been left love notes and are so thankful for it. We are grateful and humbled! Thank you for allowing us to assist you in your big day!


  • Keely, Bride

    Sarah at Keestone did an absolutely masterful job of helping us plan and coordinate our wedding. I expected great things and my expectations were even surpassed! Everything went smoothly and I expect people to be talking about our wedding for many years to come. We even had guests tell us that our wedding is exactly what they want theirs to be like. I would recommend Sarah to anyone and everyone – it is totally worth every penny to have someone so knowledgeable and calm to help us through the process.

    Keely, Bride

  • Pamela, Bride

    I could not have been luckier finding Keestone. They were professional and determined to make my day the best it could be and were still warm and personable on a level that made me feel as though I made new friends. Maddie was absolutely amazing from start to finish, every part of planning my wedding was worry-free. She found vendors that were extremely professional with the same warmth Keestone provides to their brides. My wedding was perfect in every way and I couldn’t have done it without Maddie or Sarah. I don’t remember worrying about anything the whole day (even when we started to run out of pineapple juice for the bar she sent someone to grab some, I didn’t even know until the next day). I could not be happier with our wedding. It was amazing in every way…people texted us for the next three days saying what an amazing time they had and what a perfect wedding it was. If we every decide to renew our vows or have any kind of large event we have to plan for in the future we will definitely call Keestone. It was the best decision I could’ve made for the wedding

    Pamela, Bride

  • Heather, Bride

    Within 3 minutes of sitting down with Sarah Kee, I knew we would be hiring her as our wedding planner. We had looked at over 75 different planners online (!) and met several in person, but no one felt like the right fit. Rather than asking “what do you want for your wedding?” which can be difficult to answer, Sarah met us with a smile and came prepared with a very specific (yet not overwhelming) questionnaire that not only gave her a sense of what we wanted for our big day, but also proved that she wanted to get to know us as people. She showed us real examples of her work for couples with similar budgets and size restrictions. We even came up with a design, color scheme, and theme at that very first meeting! We also appreciated that she showed us her wedding planning portal, which she sets up for all couples to track budget, guest lists, checklists, design elements, and more…all this before even booking her as our planner. Laying out her services right off the bat without any strings attached definitely set Sarah apart from her competition. We booked Sarah for both wedding planning and design for the entirety of our 14 month engagement. Within a week we were already attending meetings with vendors. We really appreciated how Sarah helped us prioritize our budget and narrowed down the hundreds of options for vendors so that we could focus on a more manageable list for each category. If for some reason we didn’t find what we wanted in that short list, she had no problem finding more for us until we landed with someone we loved. Sarah showed up to every single vendor meeting we went to, regardless of the day or time, fielding questions, communicating our vision, and taking detailed notes. It really helped make us very comfortable when choosing the players for our wedding. Part of our package included unlimited communication…and we used it! I’m sure I averaged 1-2 emails a day (and many more toward the end) and Sarah answered each email diligently, never making us wait more than an hour or two. We had weekly phone meetings to keep tabs on action items. Even as we neared the wedding and I was not the nicest person, Sarah remained calm and patient and ensured everything I needed was handled. She never once treated us with anything but professionalism and respect. Sarah became a real friend and made sure we knew how much she cared about making our day special. Our wedding went off without a hitch. There are always things that go wrong, but Sarah and 2 others from her team spent over 12 hours on our wedding day running around to make sure everything was the best it could be. Sarah created very detailed timelines for our wedding party and vendors that made sure even our flakiest friends were on time. We ran ahead of schedule ALL DAY! No one came to me with any issues…it was all handled before I had a chance to notice. Even better, none of my family had to deal with setup, cleanup, moving items between venues, or managing vendors. We could not have pulled off the wedding we had without Sarah. She made the whole planning process so incredibly easy and allowed our families the luxury of sitting back and enjoying the weekend. While I’m so happy to be married, I can honestly say I miss my Friday afternoon chats with Sarah. I would absolutely recommend Keestone Events for any bride. We were so lucky to have met Sarah and we can’t wait to see the beautiful events her team produces in the future.

    Heather, Bride

  • Krista, Bride

    The event planners at Keestone Events are nothing less than AMAZING! About halfway through our wedding planning I decided that I needed help. Once securing vendors and trying to coordinate delivery schedules and times for the wedding day, I realized these were the last things I wanted to be thinking about/handling on the day of my wedding! I wanted to have fun and remember this as a happy one! I hired Keestone Events to assist with the overall wedding design and month-of-coordination. From the moment I met Sarah & Stephanie, I knew this was the best decision, the right one. These ladies captured every important aspect we envisioned for our wedding day, and surprising us with even more! Their suggestions and ideas were endless, making use of natural elements from our reception venue to creative, fun ideas for the guests. It was great knowing they were looking at ways to make your day exceptional, yet budget-friendly. Our wedding day was a hit! I cannot say more wonderful things about the ladies at Keestone Events. A special thank you to Sarah & Stephanie for taking our visions and making them a reality. To Stephanie, Jordan and Tzahhia: Thank You for making our wedding day so special, memorable and a success!!

    Krista, Bride

  • JazzMarie, Bride

    Sarah was amazing to work with and incredibly helpful throughout the entire planning process (approx. 12 months). She always made herself available. We had check-in phone calls, she provided vendor recommendations, guidance on ideas and how to make them a reality, calmed me down/handled a situation when something wasn’t going as planned, etc. Pinterest is great, but you can’t do everything you “pin”, so I’d bring my ideas to her, and she would work through them with me so I could have my DREAM wedding…and on June 13th, I had my absolute DREAM wedding. It was better than I could have ever imagined. We had our ceremony and reception at separate locations, and she coordinated the vendors, setup everything at the reception, and handled the rain without a hiccup when some of our activities were outdoors. I would recommend her over and over again.

    JazzMarie, Bride

  • Leslie, Bride

    I was so lucky to find Keestone Events on Facebook. I sent an email to Keestone Events, and Sarah, the owner of Keestone events, contacted me via email immediately. I then spoke to Sarah over the phone and I knew that she would be the perfect person to plan our wedding. My husband I live in El paso, Keestone Events is based in Dallas, and the wedding was to be held in Houston…one would think that this would be an issue; however, Sarah made it so easy. She was so understanding and easy to work with! Planning a wedding to be held in Houston while living in El Paso was easy because I had Sarah and Keestone Events. Not only did Sarah do an amazing job throughout the wedding planning process, but she did an amazing job on the wedding day as well. Her assistants were also wonderful! I am so happy that I chose Keestone Events to plan our wedding. I know my new husband, and our families are happy as well! I highly recommend Keestone Events.

    Leslie, Bride

  • Carson, Groom

    I was the groom in an event that Sarah helped plan and execute, flawlessly. I must admit at first I was very skeptical if we would even need her services or if they would be worth the money. but even before the big day she won me over with her professionalism, attention to detail, and competence in the planning of our wedding. I have a back ground in the military so planning and attention to detail is critical to a solid execution of a plan. Guys your focus should be on your bride. you do not want your bride to be worrying bout all the details and stuff that will pop up, and it will. let Sarah handle the details so you can focus on what is important . she knows what to expect the questions to ask and more importantly when to ask them. she coordinates with all the other vendors to keep everyone working toward your goal. yes i know you ask that family member or close friend to do it and they might even have the experience but if you trust them and depend on them you probably want them to be able to enjoy the day too. if they do not have experience do not test your relationship on this occasion, very little can work in your favor while a lot can work against you.

    You have already made one of the biggest choices in your life to get married. now make one of the best choices and hire Sarah so you and yours can relax and focus on what is important. you will not be disappointed her or her efforts.

    Carson, Groom

  • Anh, Bride

    Sarah and her team were extremely talented, creative, helpful, and best of all accommodating. We reside in California but our wedding was in Dallas. I am a planner myself; however, long distance planning was pretty difficult and especially when we were both busy with work and traveling. So, we decided to book with Keestone Events for our month of coordination. I have to admit, it was soo worth it! Sarah responded to each email and each phone call PROMPTLY. She provided some great suggestions which made things easier for us to decide (trust me, I was an indecisive bride). Sarah diligently kept me on schedule up until my wedding day. Our wedding day was simply perfect! Sarah and her team did such an amazing job from coordinating with all the vendors, setting up the guestbook table, decorating our wedding cake with flowers that my florist left behind, and making sure everything ran smoothly. I would truly recommend Keestone Events to any of my friends and to all the future brides.

    Anh, Bride

  • Karen, Mother of the Bride

    I am absolutely delighted with the service that Sarah Kee provided my family. Sarah was supportive, detailed, and impeccably organized. The response time to emails and phone calls was almost immediate. I felt very confident that my daughters wedding would be beautiful and flow from beginning to end without a hitch …and it did. You know you have a great wedding planner when the other vendors at the wedding compliment your choice of wedding planners…and they did. Sarah is a professional with the skills & integrity that one would expect to find in a much older individual. You cannot go wrong choosing Sarah Kee as your wedding planner!

    Karen, Mother of the Bride

  • Mey, Bride

    As a type-a control freak with a tight budget (the cost included honeymoon, accommodations for my officiant and family, flights for destination wedding) I was hesitant to hire a wedding planner – mostly because I was not sure it was worth the investment, but Sarah Kee with Keestone Events proved me 100% (happily) wrong. Sarah worked with my budget, tight schedule, offered me options when I was indecisive, and most importantly, she helped me plan the wedding of my dreams. I hate to use the word “perfect” because it is so clichéd – but it was absolutely perfect – more than what I ever dreamed of and the best part was that it was low-stress for me: she dealt with all the vendors in Mexico, she kept us on schedule, she made my appointments for hair/makeup for bridals, found vendors, everything. Sarah was prompt, professional, responsive, flexible, and precise. On top of that, she was creative and held me to my vision, when sometimes I’d make a decision just to make one. I am so glad that I hired Sarah, and I’d recommend.

    Mey, Bride

  • Thuy, Bride

    Sarah was absolutely wonderful to work with. Professional and courteous throughout, she initiated multiple planning meetings and always came prepared with materials and fresh ideas. Sarah guided us through the many facets that go into planning a wedding and helped us make sense of the otherwise overwhelming number of possibilities. Although it is her goal to make your dream wedding a reality, Sarah is not a “yes man.” She is an experienced professional, and she is always ready to offer her advice and guidance when it comes to design, logistics, and overall practicality. Sarah offers a wide range services, from minimal assistance to the full service package. Since we are both busy professionals, we chose the full service package, and we’re extremely glad we did. Sarah saved us tons of time and frustration by scouring the Internet for the best possible vendors, leaving us to pick from the three or four best options. She’s willing to assist with the nitty gritty manual labor to whatever degree you desire. And, most importantly for us, she’s willing to travel. Our wedding was four hours away from Keestone Events, but Sarah made several trips with us to the venue during the months prior to the wedding. On the day of, Sarah proved absolutely vital, as she worked with the venue’s wedding coordinator to make sure all the moving parts were in their correct place. The wedding went fantastic. We received so many compliments on how beautiful it was, and we couldn’t have done it without Keestone Events. We’re so glad we hired Sarah, and we’re happy to recommend her services for both weddings and general event planning.

    Thuy, Bride

  • Michael, Groom

    When you’re spending four or five figures on one of the biggest days/evenings of your life you want it to turn out the right way. If you want it to turn out the right way, you hire Keestone Events. Our wedding was a true test for wedding vendors and even the most seasoned would have had trouble. We had our wedding in the middle of the dreaded Icemageddon. You wouldn’t know it though if you attended our wedding. Thanks to the direction and help of Sarah with Keestone Events, the wedding was a haven where you forgot all about the crazy ice and weather outside. I could go on and on about how awesome our wedding was (which it was) but I’d only be parroting other reviewers. You read reviews to gain confidence and trust in the vendor. Keestone Events doesn’t need reviews. Just do a free initial consultation with her and you’ll see why. You can’t help but have confidence and trust in her by how organized and prepared she is. Keestone Events was one of those vendors that we picked and not have to worry about through the entire wedding process. At all

    Michael, Groom