In times of Pandemics…

These past few weeks have been surreal to say the least with the emergence of Covid-19. It has disrupted and devastated so much, and unfortunately seems like it will be staying for a while. As planners who have been in business for almost a decade, we are plugged into the events industry and have been

Late Summer Wedding at Aristide, Mansfield

Today, we are blogging about Julie + Hai. This couple had a Chinese and Vietnamese fusion wedding, complete with an eight course meal. Below is the amazing review Julie wrote for Shannon, the lead planner that day. It’s a bittersweet moment as Shannon is leaving to start a new chapter on her journey. To say

Wild and Free Bohemian Chic Wedding at The White Sparrow

The joy that Elise + Carl had in the months leading up to their wedding day (let’s not even get started on the actual day itself!) was infectious. When a couple is genuinely excited about the process and gives themselves permission to enjoy the journey, it helps fuel everyone else involved too. When the day

Festive Orange and Navy Wedding at The Nasher Sculpture Center

Being the Events Manager at the Nasher, Abby has helped countless others get married. To say we were all excited that it was finally her turn would be an understatement. You know she truly loves her job and the museum as opted to be married there as well! It was the biggest honor for us

Summer Brunch Wedding at Ashton Gardens

Emily and DeShauris were married on a warm summer day in August, with Natalie as their lead planner. This particular date was important to them because they met in August. The couple opted for a brunch wedding (which we are always big fans of!). Emily knew exactly what she wanted and had various elements throughout

meet SARAH

meet SARAH

It brings me immense joy to craft beautiful events for couples that they will remember for a very long time. At the end of the day, it's about marrying your best friend and love of your life. I'm here to help make that journey easier to cross. Cheers!"