We at Keestone Events couldn’t be more appreciative of all the wonderful couples who have entrusted us with planning their weddings. The biggest, most heartfelt thank you to everyone who took the time to leave our Dallas wedding planners a review. It is the best compliment to have your vote of confidence and truly means so much. We are grateful!

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  • Natalie, Bride

    I have thought long and hard about how to properly express what a phenomenal job Stephanie did at planning and executing our wedding. Not only that, but she was also a friend and confidant throughout a potentially stressful season. I say potentially because there wasn’t one instance, I was stressed about our dream wedding. This is the only wedding I’ve planned (ha!) but I don’t think that is the norm. I can 100% say the stress-free experience was due to Stephanie and the rest of the Keestone team. I chose the full planning package, and I am thrilled I did. Stephanie made sure I had small, manageable checklists each week for me/us to execute and made sure we were budget conscious the whole way through. The Dallas wedding scene is massive, and Stephanie made choosing my vendors so easy! Between those connections and the overall management skill of an event our size, Stephanie is truly priceless! On the day of our event, not one thing went array. Every. Single. Thing. was handled and planned to a tee. We were so calm, and I had so much comfort knowing Stephanie was in charge during our special day. Our dream wedding went off without a hitch! Stephanie first and foremost, but also the rest of the Keestone Events team deserved the most raving review. If you are thinking about hiring them, don’t wait another minute. You will truly get to enjoy the wedding planning experience, and I have zero doubts they will deliver your dream wedding! We cannot thank Stephanie enough for making all our wedding dreams come true!

    Natalie, Bride

  • Allan + Tincy, Newlyweds

    We always knew planning a wedding would be a huge task but never imagined it would require a lot of things at once, hiring Keestone events is definitely one the best decisions we’ve made and we were blessed to have Tzahhia Coleman as our wedding planner as she was a genuine Rockstar who made this whole process a lot smoother.

    From the beginning of our interaction, Keestone and their team was very professional about the breakdown of the services, set expectations, listened to our needs, and was very accommodating and flexible through the whole process.

    For a couple who works full-time plus juggling through med school, Tzahhia was a life saver for us in all aspects. I cannot speak enough about Tzahhia, she was also the main reason on why we moved forward with Keestone events. She’s very professional, organized at every task, very honest and her experience was super helpful during the whole process of selecting components.

    A whole year of planning and our wedding was the most magical and beautiful day that I can remember. From selecting the right vendors for each item, creating the design board with our theme, and coordinating the whole event, everything was beyond our expectations. The fact that Tzahhia was able to go above and beyond to make our venue look so royal and beautiful was the best thing ever. All of our guests were really impressed and surprised with the decor and layout, we still hear amazing things about our wedding till this day. Tzahhia always made sure we were on top of our lists, whether it’s vendor payments, sync ups, options to choose from, she was always there to keep things in good order. Having weekly check-ins or always available via text/call, she’s definitely a great ‘Chaos Coordinator’

    We are speechless and cannot thank Tzahhia and Keestone Events enough for making our dream come true. It is a no brainer to not recommend these folks, it was the best decision for us to go with them so I highly recommend Keestone Events and Tzahhia for making your big day a lot smoother but magical as well. So thank you again Keestone events and Tzahhia, we miss our sync ups but I am pretty sure we will work on our next event again! Love, Allan & Tincy XO!

    Allan + Tincy, Newlyweds

  • Rebecca + Greg, Newlyweds

    Words can’t describe how thankful we are with our choice in Sarah Kee and Keestone Events to help us create and plan our dream wedding. She went above and beyond our wildest expectations and delivered a most amazing event all weekend long!!! From the beginning, we knew we wanted someone who was highly organized and had a vision to help us create the intimate, fantasy destination wedding we had long hoped for. We met with five wedding and event planners who all shared their stories and initial visions for our wedding. It wasn’t long after that we landed on Sarah and Keestone Events. Our initial meeting with her set the tone for what would turn out to be the greatest event of our lives. They say organization plays a big part in wedding planning and within minutes of signing our contract, our minds were put at ease as Sarah began displaying her “KonMari” style skills. We knew that planning a destination wedding would be difficult, especially not knowing where we would end up. Sarah graciously presented many options on cities and event venues. She provided the most detailed proposals on each city of interest, hotels and resorts, vendors, and even added cities she thought would be able to capture the essence of our fantasy. In the end, the decision was made easy; we would create a true fairytale wedding at The Cape a Thompson Hotel in Cabos San Lucas Mexico. From this point forward, her skills and organization would prove to be consistent and forward thinking; we continued through the process knowing we made the best decision. Sarah demonstrated her unique ability to execute our vision to a tee. We had so many wants and desires to make our storybook wedding come to life which created unique challenges along the way. Needless to say, Sarah continued to shine and as each decision or challenge was overcome, our minds were put at ease and we knew it would all turn out beautiful. Our wedding weekend was scheduled from Thursday to Sunday and as each event passed, all of the dreamy images and desires we imagined came to reality in spectacular fashion!!! Sarah also proved her unique ability to gain a leadership role over our vendors. She successfully proved this throughout the process and gave the relief we needed to handle all the issues and overcome any challenges. Even after our event, Sarah mediated a tense situation with one of our vendors and navigated us to a more than expected resolution. It speaks volumes about her character that after all the money was paid and the event had passed, she provided finality to a difficult situation!!! If you are planning or thinking of planning a major event or wedding, I would highly recommend Sarah Kee and Keestone Events. We are forever thankful to her and her staff for providing us with our dream wedding which surpassed our wildest expectations!! If you would like more details on our wonderful experience, we are available by private message to share more on how Sarah cemented a place in our lives both personally and professionally.

    Rebecca + Greg, Newlyweds

  • Jenny, Bride

    We chose the month-of coordinator package through Keestone and words cannot express how grateful we did. Worth every penny and more! My husband and I are both pretty detail-oriented, organized people and thought we had mostly planned all the big things and wondered if we even should hire a coordinator since our hotel venue had a coordinator as well. But it’s our first wedding (and hopefully last) and so you don’t know what you don’t know. And WOW, we are so glad we did. We truly could not have done it without our coordinator, Skylar. Skylar was incredibly thorough, organized, and knowledgeable. We had weekly zoom meetings to talk through vendor details, schedules and timelines, layouts, and all the small things we hadn’t even thought about. She handled all the communication (and emails!) with our vendors which was an unexpected but welcome weight off our minds. She even was able to help coordinate a late night surprise for our guests on a last minute whim I had. Our wedding day was so seamless and easy and we got to be present and enjoy every moment. Skylar had such a cool, calm, and collected demeanor and reassuring presence that just put as at ease throughout the entire process. We cannot recommend her and Keestone Events enough!!

    Jenny, Bride

  • Flora, Bride

    I recently had the pleasure of working with Hannah, a month-of wedding planner, and I couldn’t be more delighted with the results. Despite the challenges of coordinating a wedding from New Jersey to Dallas, Hannah went above and beyond to ensure that every detail of our special day was executed flawlessly. From the moment we engaged her services, Hannah demonstrated a level of professionalism and dedication that immediately put our minds at ease. Communication was seamless, even with the geographical distance, as she consistently kept us informed about the progress and timelines leading up to the big day.

    Despite only being hired for the final stretch, she immersed herself in the intricate details of our vision, ensuring that nothing was overlooked. Her organizational skills were evident in the way she seamlessly coordinated with vendors, created a detailed timeline, and ensured that all elements were in place. On the day of the wedding, Hannah truly shone. Her calm and collected demeanor were a source of comfort amidst the whirlwind of emotions. She handled any unexpected hiccups with grace, allowing us to enjoy every moment of our special day without worry.

    What sets Hannah apart is her willingness to go the extra mile. She not only met but exceeded our expectations. Short review: HIRE HER!

    Flora, Bride

  • Taylor, Bride

    I cannot possibly say enough wonderful things about Keestone Events!! From the minute we started working with Sarah, everything exceeded our expectations of what a planner should be… she was on top of literally everything and made the whole planning experience (from meeting us to pick our flatware, to hopping on endless calls with me and my mom, who lives out of state) an absolute blast and took 100% of the stress out of everything. Not to mention she had the most incredible vendor recommendations and reputation throughout the industry and everyone LOVES working with Keestone Events. Starting with a vision board of our ideas, she helped us cultivate the look and feel of our dream wedding.

    Our wedding was originally scheduled for March 2020, and then two weeks out, it got moved to October. Within an afternoon of deciding to postpone, Sarah had seamlessly transferred literally everything over, and worked with all of our venders (whom she recommended, who were all FANTASTIC!) to make sure we were able to have everyone we wanted, even getting vendors to change/accommodate our new date. It was incredible! We had to postpone a second time to April, and again she replanned everything flawlessly for us. We even had the opportunity to work with another lead planner within Keestone, Stephanie, and got the DREAM TEAM with them both! I can’t say enough wonderful things about Stephanie, either. She didn’t miss a beat coming into a wedding we had been planning for almost 2 years at that point and learned everything about our wedding even better than my mom nor I had. We had about a million and one details, and she nailed every single one of them, both throughout the rest of the planning process and on wedding day. Not to mention she made the day stress free, fun, and just all around perfect.

    I can’t possibly say enough good things about Keestone Events and I could not imagine our wedding without this amazing and talented team – I am truly sad the planning process with these two women is over! I only wish we could do it all again!!!!

    Taylor, Bride

  • Devon, Bride

    Just. WOW. To break that down: Keestone (specifically Kristin) was the most professional, put together, thoughtful, detail-oriented, forward-thinking wedding planner we could have ever asked for. My (now) husband and I were looking for a month-of coordinator and spoke to several wedding planners that all had great reviews. Everyone we spoke to was pleasant and loved making the wedding day as special as possible, but Keestone was about more than a beautiful wedding. Keestone was about raw logistics, planning, and foresight to a degree we appreciated more and more leading up to and ESPECIALLY on the wedding day. Kristin was the absolute perfect coordinator not because she made sure our centerpiece set up was on point (it was, she could do that in her sleep), but because she turned every possible thing that went wrong (because no matter what you do, something will go wrong) into an opportunity to make our wedding better. Her and her team were so put together that our outdoor wedding, which overlapped with intermittent rain, was actually IMPROVED by their on-the-spot decision to move our toasts and cake indoors until the rain passed. Kristin is apparently also a meteorologist because bringing everyone indoors was timed PERFECTLY, with everyone out on a dry dance floor in the garden right after speeches ended. We chose Keestone because they are more than event planners; they are psychics who will foresee every possible mistake and make sure the guests, the bride, and the groom think everything went off without a hitch. And considering a relative monsoon hit 24 hours after our wedding weekend, they may also have some pact with the weather gods. Just saying. Keestone is just the best. Hands down. THANK YOU KRISTIN!!!

    Devon, Bride

  • Kristen, Bride

    If I could leave more than 5 stars, I would!!! Keestone Events was everything thought I needed and more to plan our perfect wedding. Stephanie was absolutely amazing, she completely understood the look and feel of what I wanted. I felt like she was in my head, knew everything I wanted and she paid attention to every little detail to make sure it was perfect! Her team on the day of was polite, respectful, helpful and I truly felt like their goal was to make me and my husband’s big day perfect! I can’t recommend them highly enough!

    Kristen, Bride

  • Paige, Bride

    Keestone Events and Tzahhia Coleman are the best of the best! Tzahhia was extremely organized, and I so appreciated her very calm demeanor. Tzahhia had SO many great ideas, she was a great listener, easy to get in touch with, quick to respond, and she wrote down every detail in our shared planning documents. She was also proactive – reminding me to start thinking about something, or following up to see if I had made a decision about something. Throughout the entire planning process, I could tell that she truly cared, and I loved how it was always “what are your thoughts on these ideas?” instead of “do this.” I also really appreciated how Keestone Events lets you CUSTOMIZE your own planning package with clear pricing for each item you want to include in your very own package. I knew that unlimited emailing/texting/calls was important to me – but I knew I didn’t need help picking a photographer, band, videographer etc. This pricing model is unique to Keestone Events. All the other planners I spoke with had very vague descriptions of what their pricing included – plus hourly rates if you called them – or others said their fee was a flat 10% of your total wedding budget – which made no sense to me since I had already picked many of my vendors without the help of any planners. Trust me when I say Keestone Events is the only way to go! Your wedding weekend will be perfectly executed and the planning process will be a lot of fun and super organized! Thank you Tzahhia for everything!! Our wedding was beyond perfect largely due to YOU!!!!

    Paige, Bride

  • Brandy, Bride

    You don’t realize just how much you need a wedding planner until you meet Sarah! I had taken on a lot of the details of our wedding, and so there were quite a few moments that I had felt nothing short of overwhelmed. So when she came into the picture, it was a saving grace. From day 1, Sarah was on top of every single detail. One of the (many) things that I am so grateful to her for, is the way she was able to break down and segment different parts of the planning process for you, which created established timelines as to when things need to be completed. And for me, that was vital, as I can easily start to feel lost in the details at times. She made herself readily available for any and all questions I might have, no matter how small or silly, and she of course never made you feel that they were either. She continually touched base to get a pulse on how I felt, which shows just how much she cares for her brides and couples. Another area that she absolutely excels in, is when the actual wedding madness starts, and the coordinating of vendors, timeframes, etc begins. Which can completely detract from the moment if you’re doing it yourself. If any issue or complication had happened, we still have no idea, as she and her team were behind the scenes making everything run perfectly. We got to enjoy our wedding day stress free, without having to wonder where or when we needed to be somewhere because we knew they had us taken care of. Many people said that something will go wrong on your wedding day, but we can honestly say that it went off without a hitch. It was everything we had dreamed of and more, from the look of it, to the execution. Sarah and her team were able to listen and understand my vision and hope, and when it came to setting everything up, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thanks to Sarah and Keestone Events, they made the wedding planning and process practically effortless.

    Brandy, Bride

  • Carolina, Bride

    We worked with Hannah from Keestone and she was amazing! We had her as our month of coordinator and it was extremely helpful to have someone coordinating the final details so my husband and I could enjoy our final month engaged. Hannah was very flexible and kind throughout the whole process. We would recommend choosing her for any wedding coordination you are looking for!

    Carolina, Bride

  • Anne, Mother-of-the-Bride

    Our daughter got married last weekend and it was a beautiful, stress-free, smooth-running event thanks to Stephanie Roper at Keystone events.

    I am the mother-of-the-bride and as a former catering manager I enjoy planning every detail of any special event! However, as the mother-of-the-bride I also wanted to enjoy every minute of the big weekend, and not have to be checking on everything and everyone.

    Believe me, Stephanie was THE FIRST person I reached out to after my daughter got engaged. Stephanie had orchestrated a flawless wedding and reception for our older daughter almost five years ago and I knew I wanted (no, needed) her to be there again! Thank goodness she was available.

    Stephanie is kind, calm, efficient and a great communicator–with the wedding party and the vendors. She made sure that everything was up to our expectations and fixed anything that wasn’t. In fact, she probably made anything she touched better than the original plan! I was able to enjoy everything and had no worries. I can’t believe she and her team could be in so many places at once!

    One of the best gifts she gave us was the ability to just leave the venue at the end of the grand exit and go back to the hotel with all our family and out-of-town friends, to continue the celebration. She and her team packed up all the items that we had delivered to the reception venue the week prior. She literally drove our car from the hotel to the venue, loaded it, and got it back into the valet lot–ready for our morning departure from the hotel!

    Finally, I was very touched that even in the midst of all the details of the day, it was the bride and groom that came first in her thoughts. She always wanted them to have exactly what they wanted and needed at every moment of the weekend, and she and her team made everything they dreamed of come true. Thank you Stephanie and thank you Keystone Events!

    Anne, Mother-of-the-Bride

  • Judith, Bride

    It was such a blessing to work with Emily and Sarah from Keestone Events. Without a doubt, the team brought so much attention to every single detail on our special day. Additionally, Keestone really took the time and expertise to make sure everything was handled and that our wedding vision was fulfilled.  From the start, Richard and I knew that we tend to be very type A, organized individuals, so we placed communication and collaboration as our top priorities when we were shopping for our special month-of coordinator/wedding planners. When we met Sarah and Emily, we could just sense the genuity and authenticity of these hardworking individuals.   On our special day, I remember vividly walking into our reception space and seeing how beautiful everything was placed and designed by our planners. The excitement of seeing your vision come to life with the help of this team left us speechless.  Emily and her team made sure to check-in constantly to keep us in the loop and make sure we were okay and stress-free. Not to forget, they also handled last minute fires with grace while remaining proactive and not reactive.  To this day we still receive compliments on how seamless the whole wedding was. It was a completely fluid experience that happened without a hitch.  We especially loved working with Emily and appointed her as our wedding BFF, haha. There’s no doubt we would do it all over again with their help!

    Judith, Bride

  • Nageen, Bride

    I was an out-of-state bride planning a wedding from afar, and interviewed several vendors for a day-of/month-of coordinator. We were looking for a coordinator that could handle a fusion wedding of two cultures – Pakistani and American. We interviewed several vendors and were really looking for the right fit. We had a great first chat with Sarah Kee, the owner of the company, and then Stephanie Brouillette. What stood out to me about Stephanie was how calm and focused she was. I also appreciated that she had some experience with South Asian weddings, and extensive experience with events. Another coordinator I spoke to had great experience but was too intense and stressed me out a bit! I really appreciated Stephanie’s calm throughout everything. Our wedding had 11 vendors, some South Asian and some not. In addition, our venue did not provide anything besides tables and chairs, so there was quite a bit to coordinate. On top of that, our guest list was around 300, and we were having an outdoor ceremony. I had a lot of fun booking vendors along the planning process, but when it came to the logistics (day-of timeline, scheduling vendors’ arrivals, arranging vendor meals, developing the room layout for how the tables would be set up etc.) I was SO glad that we’d booked Stephanie to take care of those details. It allowed me in the last couple months (which get crazy) to focus on other details such as tracking RSVPs, packing for our out-of-state wedding and our subsequent international honeymoon, and choosing songs for entrances/first dance/etc. Stephanie asked my preference if I’d like to be cc’d on the emails when she was taking over vendor communications, and I did. I’m glad she did because then I could see all the work she was putting in. 🙂 She did a great job and every time I saw an email fly by that I was cc’d on, I was thankful that I wasn’t having to figure out those details. Throughout the planning process, I appreciated having her as an honest sounding board. There were some things that were really tough to make a decision on since we were having a fusion wedding – and I didn’t want to offend or confuse any guests from either culture. It was great to have Stephanie’s perspective when making some of those decisions. The day of our wedding, it was COLD (hello, Texas weather). It was somewhere in the 30s-40s Fahrenheit for our outdoor ceremony. We had a tent in case of rain or super hot weather, but no one expected it to be this cold in April in Texas! My mom and Stephanie found a vendor with heat lamps, and Stephanie and her assistants were wheeling those huge lamps around. She and my mom worked so well together, and I didn’t even know the day-of until it was already taken care of. I appreciated that. She was available to talk on the phone and email when needed, and was usually several steps ahead of me and had already taken care of whatever I was going to ask her to. After the wedding, we received several compliments on how smooth and organized everything was. Others commented on how stress-free my mom appeared- and my mom replied that it was only possible because she was confident knowing we had great vendors and that Stephanie was running the show. We are still talking about how much fun we had at our wedding, and I really feel like myself, my groom, our bridal party, and our families both got to enjoy every minute because of Stephanie and her team! A huge THANK YOU to Stephanie, and her assistants – Emily and Britney.

    Nageen, Bride

  • Brooke, Bride

    Thank you, Tzahhia!! From our first meeting, I appreciated all of the notes you took, the questions you asked, and the suggestions you provided. You are so detailed oriented and organized, and you are a great listener, which makes working with you so easy. You are a great thought partner and made us feel at ease. Most importantly to me, you are wonderful to work with — you are calm, composed, organized, fun, upbeat, and full of joy!! We loved working with you and would recommend you highly. Thank you for being part of our special day!!

    Brooke, Bride

  • Devon, Bride

    I can honestly say that hiring Keestone Events to help plan my wedding was the best decision I made during my planning process! Stephanie was absolutely amazing to work with! She was organized, attentive, and always reassuring when I needed it. Stephanie listened and helped make my vision for my wedding come to life. I could always rely on Stephanie to answer all of my questions with guidance and patience. She took all of the my stresses away so I could actually focus on what was important, marry the love of my life. If I could do it all over again I would hire Keestone events over and over again!

    Devon, Bride

  • Megan, Bride

    Oh boy, where do I even begin! Working with Keestone Events has been the absolute best part of my entire wedding! Our planner, Sarah Kee, went above and beyond and exceeded every expectation we had for a planner. She is so incredibly organized and easy to work with that by the time the wedding was a month out we found ourselves kicking back and thinking “that’s it?!” Sarah laid out a beautiful timeline for us from month to month of things to accomplish, down to the hourly timeline of the wedding. She helped show us color schemes we never even thought of and organized all the prices/pros/cons/menus of each venue. She organizing your budget sheets, how much you’ve spent and what’s left, she organizes amazing timelines with the videographers and photographers for the day of the event. Layouts, vendor pages, and everything under the sun she has it for you at the drop of a hat! We didn’t forget even one “little” thing at the wedding, not even pens for the guest book!! (Which i did forget but she made sure we were covered!!) We were finished planning so early in the process, that I felt like I could actually enjoy my engagement! Sarah allowed us to be as involved or as hands off as we wanted to be in this entire process. When I needed her opinion on a decision she would give it, but assure me that no matter what I decided on it would look great. She was ALWAYS there for me, she was so incredibly accessible during every point of the way. If you are unsure about using a planner, Keestone events allows you to come in for a consultation where your coordinator will show you exactly how they can help you with your special day, while respecting your budget! But believe me, you will want Keestone Events to plan your wedding! I’m sure a million things went sideways on the big day, but I didn’t know about a single one of them as Sarah was so excellent with handling every situation that arose! I could not have pulled off a more beautiful wedding with out the help of Sarah and her team! Not only did I come out of this with what everyone claimed is the “best wedding they’ve ever been to”, I really feel like I’ve gained a friend in Sarah! I am begging you, at least go to a consultation with this woman- YOU WONT REGRET IT!

    Megan, Bride

  • Emily, Bride

    Keestone Events is a must have for any couple planning a wedding! I was fortunate enough to be paired with Natalie. From the moment we met, I instantly felt connected and knew she was exactly what I needed—a calm, detail oriented visionary. I know that I am not the easiest to work with, as I am extremely picky, can be indecisive, and have a hard time saying no, but Natalie kept me grounded and reminded me of what our special day was all about, and for that, I am incredibly grateful. Our day turned out better than expected and that would not have happened without Natalie. She is well organized, attentive, and a thorough listener. She truly is a gem, and I am beyond blessed to have had her as our planner.

    Emily, Bride

  • Tian Tian, Bride

    Let me start with this – I’ve joked a number of times with my now-husband that if the two of us don’t work out, I intend to marry Sarah so she can plan out the rest of my life for me. Hahah. Sarah is incredibly detail oriented (if you’re as into spread sheets as I am, you’ll fall head over heels in love with her like I did), thoughtful, and professional. She prodded us when we needed prodding, guided us with her wealth of experience and strong intuition, and was the glue that really pulled the wedding together. She knew all the right people in the industry, bargained hard for us when we felt things were overpriced or unreasonable, and thought of all the little details that we didn’t think of… but were the little details that make our big day truly special. In every way possible, she went above and beyond. I don’t even want to imagine what a disaster the wedding would have been without her, so all I can say is, Sarah is a KEE-per. Haha. But seriously, she is amazing. I never want to get married again (wow, that was so much more work than I imagined… and I also love my husband obviously…), but if I did, I would hire her.

    Tian Tian, Bride

  • Lila, Bride

    Hiring Keestone events was maybe the best decision we made for our wedding!!! When we met with Sarah (the owner) we were uncertain how much help we wanted and she made it so easy to pick and choose and totally customize the planning options. We decided we wanted a month of coordinator and that was Kristin! She was truly our wedding angel! Kristin took care of everything we never would have thought of. My husband and I seriously can’t say enough good things about Keestone. They made our wedding go off without a hitch. Literally nothing went wrong because they were so prepared! They made sure we ate & had drinks in hand, they helped us stick to our schedule, they took care of sooo much behind the scenes and they ran the show at the rehearsal and the wedding. I found Keestone through reviews on the knot and I seriously can’t tell you how glad I am that I did!!

    Lila, Bride

  • Kathryn, Mother-of-the-Bride

    Dear Sarah, I wanted you to know how simply fabulous, kind, professional and beyond-stellar, Tzahhia and her team were on Saturday. I truly had no idea how fast the day flies and had it not been for them, I am sure I would have been stressed and totally discombobulated with details and logistics to handle. The wedding ceremony was spectacular. Sitting in the church with the light streaming through the stained glass windows, listening to classical music, and surrounded by loved ones gave me a glimpse of what heaven must be like. The reception was a party BIG TIME, and guests stayed long into the night to see the couple off. The team was so on-point and at every turn, you were met with their kind smiles and calm demeanor. It was a delight. You should be very proud of the team you have curated… Again – thank you and please pass along my compliments and deepest appreciation to your team. They are magnificent! The best in the business, I’m sure! And not to mention, they were totally some of the kindest young women I have met! Treasures, each and every one! All the best,

    Kathryn, Mother-of-the-Bride

  • Grace, Bride

    I don’t even know where to start. Kelly, Sarah, and the whole Keestone Events team are the dream team. They are truly genuine people who want to make your day the best day ever. They take the time to get to know you, what’s important to you, what you do/don’t like and deliver that plus more. Kelly was so organized, kept me on track, and eased my stress. I could reach out to her about anything and she was there for me every step of the way. She kept in communication with all of our other vendors as well once we were getting closer to make sure everyone was arriving and setting up in time. Every detail and every minute of our wedding was PERFECT because of Kelly. Even when things that were changing the day before/day of, she was go-with-the-flow and made everything work. We also had two Keestone assistants on the day of our wedding who were SO kind. They bustled my dress and made sure myself and my husband were taken care of at all times. I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding planner. I can’t rave enough about them!!

    Grace, Bride

  • Sarah, Bride

    Thank you Sarah Kee for being an incredible wedding planner who brought our dream wedding to life at the Perot Museum! My now-husband I are based in CA and planning a wedding in Dallas, with friends and family who came in (and chimed in with ideas) from around the world. We had a lot of different ideas about what we wanted, and Sarah helped us focus into creating a gorgeous vision, recommended excellent vendors all the way, took care of a multitude of issues big and small that popped up (including some tense personal situations that would have frazzled any other wedding planner), and make the busy wedding day flow seamlessly and stresslessly for my husband and me. She did it all in such a calm, collected, and confident way, with always a smile and solution. She has great taste, impeccable Google doc organizational skills, and perfect timing. I cannot recommend her enough!

    Sarah, Bride

  • Julie, Bride

    Unimaginably spectacular is how we would describe Shannon from Keestone Events! If we were able to add more stars, we would do so without any hesitation. Shannon was very responsive and we definitely could not have had the wedding we did without her. She was kind, patient, and extremely understanding in assisting us with our wedding and unequivocally one of the best human beings we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with. To say that she went above and beyond the call of duty would be an understatement. Shannon was there with us every step of the way whether it was following up with vendors, or even tedious tasks like making sure the bride and groom always had a drink in their hands on the night of their wedding. Shannon is a very persistent and meticulous planner but most of all, she was comforting when we needed it most. Planning a wedding is never easy, but Shannon made it memorable and fun. On our wedding day, we didn’t just have Shannon – we had Shannon plus two assistants from Keestone Events. One of the assistants was none other than the founder of Keestone Events – Sara. This highlighted for us how every member of Keestone Events works together to ensure our wedding day would be seamless regardless of their role in the company. As a team, they are absolutely a joy to work with. Like many couples, wedding planning can be an extremely daunting task, but Shannon and Keestone Events made the planning simple and manageable. The only downside of working with Shannon is that we already miss the warmth and comforting feeling we get when talking to her. If you are planning a wedding, please do yourself a favor and work with Keestone Events!

    Julie, Bride

  • Brittany, Bride

    Sarah and Keestone Events were truly the best people to work with! We met with a few wedding planners, but after meeting Sarah, we knew we had found the best planner for us! From the beginning of the process Sarah listened carefully and thoughtfully to our vision and suggested ideas. Her guidance and patience made us feel confident and completely relaxed about our big day. There was no ask too small or big for Sarah, and she always had a plan to resolve any unexpected bumps in the road. When we postponed our wedding she handled everything and coordinated with all of our vendors which made that tough decision so much easier. She worked well with all of the vendors and the whole day went off without a hitch. Our families commented on how kind and organized she was and they were so impressed with how smoothly everything went. The team she brought to help on the day of were supportive, professional, and fun to be around. I can’t recommend Sarah and Keestone Events enough—our wedding day would not have been as amazing as it was without her

    Brittany, Bride

  • Jessica, Bride

    Tzahhia was an absolute joy to work with. She helped plan our one-year wedding celebration after we were married during COVID. We hired her as our month of planner and to help with our design board. She managed to get my vision for the wedding perfectly despite my scattered thoughts, me being out of state, and COVID delays. Importantly, Tzahhia truly cares about her couples. I felt comfortable expressing my concerns and she was always there to lift me up throughout the process. It was sad to part ways with her because we thought of her as more than a planner but as a friend. Can’t wait to find an excuse to work with her again.

    Jessica, Bride

  • Kristalyn, Bride

    From the first phone call, my mom and I knew Keestone was going to be the best fit for what we wanted. Kelly and her team were incredible through out the process but especially during the last 4 weeks. Working with Kelly in the 6 months leading up to the wedding made it a seamless and stress free transition for me (the bride) during that last month. My parents and I didn’t have to think about a single detail the day before and the day of the wedding. She also helped recommend vendors in the area based on what atmosphere we were looking for and our budget. Kelly and her team were great!

    Kristalyn, Bride

  • Fallon, Bride

    Sarah and her team are AMAZING! Sarah was one of 3 wedding planners I interviewed. My husband and myself chose Keestone’s full planning services. I spent about 1 year planning for my wedding with Sarah. There are several things I valued from Sarah and her team. Organization: From my initial meeting with her I could tell she was extremely organized and on task. She answers every email, phone call, text in a very timely manner within usually a few hours. She impressed my entire wedding party with her detailed schedule of the entire wedding weekend. Sometimes I procrastinated and she sent friendly reminders of my tasks and decisions I needed to make. She was able to round up my guests and family members to make things run on schedule. Availability: She makes herself available to you and it seem like she is your only client. It made us as a couple feel special that she takes care of us so well. Attention to details: She has an eye for detail. At random times she sees and finds better ideas for planning and decoration. I was truly impressed when we met our Hotel event manager and she was able to describe the number of tables, size of tables, table cloth sizes to the hotel team. She made a list of our needs to hotel for the wedding ceremony and reception and it went flawlessly. Half the battle I felt in planning a wedding was understanding what materials and supplies are needed. Sarah was very professional in this manner she understood what I wanted and was able to convey that to other vendors. Value: She was invaluable in us providing us ways to save our money on low priority areas of the wedding: i.e. menus and program cards. She followed up on reducing our linen count when our guest count was reduced due to cancellations. This allowed us to reduce our overall linen bill. She took care of some mishaps prior to the ceremony with finesse and I only found out later after the wedding. Overall my husband and both our families were highly impressed with Keestone Events and Sarah. I am so glad we chose her. She is worth every penny.

    Fallon, Bride

  • Anne, Mother of the Bride

    Stephanie Brouillette with Keestone Events was the smartest wedding decision we made. I am the Mother-of-the-Bride and because I had some experience with event planning, we only needed a “month of” planner to make sure our very detailed plans were carried out. My very first phone conversation with Sarah confirmed that this was a company owner that knew what she was talking about and had the ability to listen and respond to specific needs. I love that Sarah has put together what seems to be a unique pricing method that is flexible enough to be tailored to exact needs. There is never the feeling of paying for unneeded services. At our initial meeting, Stephanie was very generous with her time and showed she had extensive experience and a perfect grasp of what would be needed to make our vision come to life. Throughout our planning process, if we needed help or input, it was very easy to expand our “month of” scope to include that immediate need. The week before our function, it was great to have her there for our “walk throughs” and know that she would be reaching out to all the vendors to confirm our plans. Also, she had some wonderful input to expand upon the set-up for a special surprise at the reception, and she had the resources of Keestone to make her ideas happen. On the “day-of”, Stephanie and her team were efficient, calm, helpful, cheerful and communicative. They set-up everything perfectly and packed up at the end, forgetting nothing! I was able to totally enjoy my daughter, our friends and family and the entire celebration without a worry. I was a guest at our own event! It could not have been a better experience from start to finish!

    Anne, Mother of the Bride

  • Stephanie, Bride

    We chose to do the month planning service that Keestone Events provides and we could not have asked for a better experience! Natalie was more than helpful and so gracious and kind! Natalie was not able to come to our rehearsal but Sarah stepped in and it was like she was working with us the entire time. The assistants that helped on the day of too were amazing as well! I cannot recommend their services enough! 🙂

    Stephanie, Bride

  • Adriana, Bride

    I just wanted to take a few minutes and try to convey the unbelievably amazing job that Sarah did. I don’t have the time, or words to truly describe how hard she worked to make this very special day perfect. She was so organized, detailed, professional, and punctual. She was so attentive throughout the whole wedding process, and also helped my husband, and his groomsmen stay on schedule. All I can say is that you did an amazing job, and I hope that more couples in the Dallas area, and country realize how talented you are. Thank you so much for everything, and I am so happy we met you!!!

    Adriana, Bride

  • D'meca, Bride

    My husband and I worked with Tzahhia from Keestone events as our month of wedding coordinator at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, TX. She was professional, proactive, detail oriented and kept me sane with her calming presence. She is knowledgeable and has a great network of local vendor contacts, which was helpful for us, as we live out of state. Everyone commented that I was incredibly calm during my wedding weekend because I was confident that everything was left in their team’s capable hands!

    Despite my initial sadness that it would rain on my wedding day, everything was executed perfectly. The transition indoors was impeccably timed and guests were thrilled to head into the air conditioning and experience another part of the Nasher.

    We had the time of our lives and appreciate their help in creating an unforgettable event. Would highly recommend!

    D'meca, Bride

  • Elise, Bride

    I literally interviewed 4-5 different planners in the DFW area before I met Sarah. Hiring Sarah was the absolute best decision we made throughout our wedding planning process. She is so kind, thoughtful, detail-oriented (HER SPREADSHEETS ARE AMAZING), and truly invested in her clients and the planning process. I always tell my husband that I am so glad we had a 17 month engagement because I got to spend so much time with Sarah and I’m beyond blessed to say that a friendship grew from it. Sarah brought our vision to life and we were able to create a plan that worked with our exact needs! If you’re considering hiring Keestone Events for your wedding or any event, there is no need to continue your search. THEY ARE AMAZING!!!

    Elise, Bride

  • Dianne, Bride

    Under Stephanie Brouillette’s management, our wedding was flawless! 30 minutes before the ceremony we had a very unexpected glitch; Stephanie took care of it immediately so that the show could go on. Our wedding day was logistically complex (involving two venues and over a dozen vendors), and Stephanie managed it all beautifully with poise and efficiency. She is a joy to work with, professional, pleasant, super organized, and calm under pressure.

    Dianne, Bride

  • Carolyn, Bride

    I couldn’t be more happy with the services Keestone Events provided. Tzahhia was incredible and was there to support me throughout the entire process! She was so organized and had wonderful suggestions! She became a friend throughout this process in addition to just a wedding planner! Don’t look anywhere else! Keestone Events is nothing short of amazing!

    Carolyn, Bride

  • Lucy, Bride

    Stephanie at Keestone Events was our planner extraordinaire. She was hyper-organized, resourceful, level-headed and consistently surpassed our expectations in every way. As an out-of-state bride, we appreciated Keestone’s willingness to design a custom planning package for us that met our needs. We were most keenly focused on hands-on support in the 6 weeks before the wedding and on the wedding day. We selected Keestone in large part because of their flexibility and commitment to customer-service. Stephanie’s professionalism, passion for her craft and responsiveness won us over. It was clear from the start that Stephanie was incredibly experienced, exceptionally well-organized, totally service-oriented and a skilled problem-solver! These were all vital attributes as we planned everything remotely and didn’t meet in person until the week of the wedding. As the date approached Stephanie provided vital hands-on support and put together a comprehensive plan and tracked every item leading up to our big day so that nothing slipped through the cracks. She stuffed and delivered beautiful goodie bags, coordinated delivery logistics effortlessly with all our vendors, masterfully ran a ceremony rehearsal with a novice officiant (our friend was ordained for the occasion) as well as participants under 7 and over 80 and was prepared with every emergency supply you could ever need. Notably, as we had a small wedding party, Keestone also provided several additional on-site assistants to help Stephanie with set-up and execution on the big day. Stephanie managed this team with her usual combination of grace, calm, and efficiency. We are so grateful to Stephanie for making our day run so smoothly — and we would recommend both Stephanie and Keestone Events without hesitation.

    Lucy, Bride

  • Kelly, Bride

    We are so thankful we hired Sarah to help us plan our wedding! When I first started the wedding planning process, I thought I could do everything on my own without a wedding planner. About 6 months into the process, I realized I was in over my head and felt very overwhelmed, so I reached out to Sarah. The flexibility of her packages and being able to add the services you need and subtract what you don’t need was perfect for me since I had already booked many of the major vendors for the wedding. One of the most stressful things for me about the wedding planning process was the feeling of never knowing if I was forgetting to do something, and always feeling like I was behind schedule on booking vendors. Sarah took all that anxiety and worry away. I always felt at ease knowing that she was there overseeing the whole process, and that she wouldn’t let anything slip between the cracks. She always reassured me that I was on the right track and made sure everything was coming together according to the timeline she set up at the beginning. I reached out to her with random questions many times in-between our scheduled meetings and she always replied promptly and was happy to help me with my questions. Another thing I found extremely helpful was that she would be the contact for my vendors and answer their questions for me. This helped me save SO much time as I was very busy with work and I was having a hard time keeping up with all the emails from vendors. On my wedding day, I didn’t have to worry about anything and neither did my bridesmaids or my mother. We were all able to just relax and enjoy the day, Sarah took care of everything! There were a few issues with my dress bustle at a couple of points during the day that seemed time consuming (a couple of the threads had ripped off and had to be sewn back on), and she could tell I was stressing out a little about it, so she made sure to ease my mind by telling me we had plenty of extra time in the schedule to account for these kinds of things. She also brought my husband and me drinks while we were taking photos during cocktail hour so we wouldn’t have to miss out. Everything from start to finish went so smoothly, and we were so grateful to have her there to make our vision come to life!

    Kelly, Bride

  • Claire, Bride

    Keystone provided the best options for the level of involvement I needed. They were professional, timely, and organized. Shannon helped keep my head level and voiced my desires and concerns to other vendors when I needed her most. Loved all the spreadsheets and meetings planned to accommodate my schedule! Would recommend to other brides!!!

    Claire, Bride

  • Keely, Bride

    Sarah at Keestone did an absolutely masterful job of helping us plan and coordinate our wedding. I expected great things and my expectations were even surpassed! Everything went smoothly and I expect people to be talking about our wedding for many years to come. We even had guests tell us that our wedding is exactly what they want theirs to be like. I would recommend Sarah to anyone and everyone – it is totally worth every penny to have someone so knowledgeable and calm to help us through the process.

    Keely, Bride

  • Garlic, Bride

    She’s a blessing to us. That’s what she is! Sarah is my husband’s friend from college and the first time he mentioned about Sarah, I immediately checked her wedding website and from then I knew straight away that I wanted her to be my wedding organizer. Loved and followed her work. Funny part is that I waited 3yrs for the proposal before I even told Alvin how much I wanted Sarah to organize the whole wedding. Bride and groom that lives in Dubai, wants to have a wedding in Bali and wedding planner is from Texas! Great plan! ☺ Looking back 2 months after the wedding, I wouldn’t change anything. I get excited with the thoughts of that day. The sun and the rain, families and friends coming altogether, all the vendors who were involved and how everything fell into place. All the aspects of the wedding was carefully chosen and planned with so much excitement. Everyone was amazed! Planning the whole thing was a breeze, fun and stress free! All because of amazing Sarah. She has this planning pod that tracks all the bits and pieces of the wedding. I used this mainly for the budget. Although we were over budget, it was nice to know where the money is going. So helpful! To some, weather would have been an issue because it rained at some points of the wedding day. But for us, it was perfect! That day was perfect.. Every little decision we made, we had Sarah’s advice and insight. And we will forever be grateful. Sarah, you know we love you! Missing our meetings and chats.. Thank you so much and hope to see you soon..

    Garlic, Bride

  • Krista, Bride

    The event planners at Keestone Events are nothing less than AMAZING! About halfway through our wedding planning I decided that I needed help. Once securing vendors and trying to coordinate delivery schedules and times for the wedding day, I realized these were the last things I wanted to be thinking about/handling on the day of my wedding! I wanted to have fun and remember this as a happy one! I hired Keestone Events to assist with the overall wedding design and month-of-coordination. From the moment I met Sarah & Stephanie, I knew this was the best decision, the right one. These ladies captured every important aspect we envisioned for our wedding day, and surprising us with even more! Their suggestions and ideas were endless, making use of natural elements from our reception venue to creative, fun ideas for the guests. It was great knowing they were looking at ways to make your day exceptional, yet budget-friendly. Our wedding day was a hit! I cannot say more wonderful things about the ladies at Keestone Events. A special thank you to Sarah & Stephanie for taking our visions and making them a reality. To Stephanie, Jordan and Tzahhia: Thank You for making our wedding day so special, memorable and a success!!

    Krista, Bride

  • Pamela, Bride

    I could not have been luckier finding Keestone. They were professional and determined to make my day the best it could be and were still warm and personable on a level that made me feel as though I made new friends. Maddie was absolutely amazing from start to finish, every part of planning my wedding was worry-free. She found vendors that were extremely professional with the same warmth Keestone provides to their brides. My wedding was perfect in every way and I couldn’t have done it without Maddie or Sarah. I don’t remember worrying about anything the whole day (even when we started to run out of pineapple juice for the bar she sent someone to grab some, I didn’t even know until the next day). I could not be happier with our wedding. It was amazing in every way…people texted us for the next three days saying what an amazing time they had and what a perfect wedding it was. If we every decide to renew our vows or have any kind of large event we have to plan for in the future we will definitely call Keestone. It was the best decision I could’ve made for the wedding

    Pamela, Bride

  • Jung, Bride

    Sarah and Keestone Events is absolutely amazing! I don’t even know where to begin! Sarah was recommended to us by our venue, Nasher Sculpture Center and she was the perfect match. From the moment we met, I could tell she’s very experienced, understood our needs, and was willing to support us in whatever way we needed. Throughout the entire planning process, Sarah was always one step ahead and helped me prioritize and make decisions. Every time we met over the phone or in-person, she checked on how I was doing with all the wedding prep and asked if there was anything she could take off my hands! She was generous with her time and always prompt in her communications (both by email and phone). Sarah’s vendor recommendations were also FANTASTIC!!! It was so great to know that all our vendors had worked together previously and Sarah orchestrated every detail perfectly. The day before and day-of the wedding, I was able to enjoy every moment without any stress or angst. Sarah and her team took care of all the details. I was so carefree and didn’t have to worry about a thing the entire day! She even had our cell phones and personal belongings all packed up in the get away car for us at the end of the night. It was simply amazing to be in such good hands. I HIGHLY recommend Sarah and Keestone Events!

    Jung, Bride

  • Cami, Bride

    We love the Keestone team! Sarah Kee did full time planning for my sister’s wedding in 2019, so off the bat we had confidence that the team would do a great job with month of coordination for our wedding. Our planner Skylar stepped in about 4-6 weeks before our big day and she went above and beyond for us! Not only is she the sweetest person, but was extremely organized, responsive, and provided us a full guide to feel 100% prepared for the weekend – including to-do lists for us and her leading up to the wedding, packing list, detailed hourly schedule, and more. In the weeks leading up to the wedding, we had weekly video calls, which were great to get to know her better and ensure we felt great about each detail despite planning our Adolphus wedding from Chicago. The week of the wedding, Skylar met us for the walkthrough and led our rehearsal with ease. On the wedding day, Skylar and her assistants were calm, cool and collected and the day felt seamless! My husband and I didn’t have to break a sweat for the execution of the day, as our vendor team was in great hands, and Skylar made sure we stayed on time even during our reception. She made our families feel very comfortable with the plan for the day as well – she was an integral part of the day and truly the best. Would recommend Skylar and the Keestone team for any event!

    Cami, Bride

  • Elizabeth, Bride

    Our wedding exceeded our wildest dreams and that is in no small part due to the role that Sarah and her team played in the planning process as well as the day-of execution of our event. Every single detail was handled efficiently, gracefully, and professionally by Sarah or a member of her team. If there were any problems or hiccups, I remain blissfully unaware of them to this day! At the event and in the days and weeks since, friends and family have commented on how elegant and organized our wedding was—it was very clear, not only to us as the clients, but also to our guests that this was the work of a professional. As someone who works as a project manager in a different industry, I have very specific ideas about how I like things done and often prefer to handle large and important tasks personally to ensure that they’ve been handled to my exact specifications. Sarah and her team earned my trust via their peerless level of service throughout all facets of the wedding planning process. Sarah was very prompt in answering correspondence, and when she said she would do something it was as good as already done. Sarah assisted me in finding vendors when I was stumped, and the quality of the vendors she suggested was very high across the board. Every single vendor I sourced via Sarah was professional, prompt, and courteous. Even though I was a month-of client, Sarah was very flexible with her time and worked with me and my fiancé to accommodate our schedules as we live outside of the DFW area and were unable to make many trips to Dallas during the planning process. Our final walkthrough, which usually takes place the month-of was scheduled for several months out in order to accommodate when my fiancé and I were able to be present. Sarah and her team were gracious and professional at every turn and at no point did I, nor anyone else involved in my wedding on a personal level, need to worry about any detail. I recommend Sarah and her team without reservation and would eagerly work with them again, but as they say, you only get married once!

    Elizabeth, Bride

  • Heather, Bride

    Within 3 minutes of sitting down with Sarah Kee, I knew we would be hiring her as our wedding planner. We had looked at over 75 different planners online (!) and met several in person, but no one felt like the right fit. Rather than asking “what do you want for your wedding?” which can be difficult to answer, Sarah met us with a smile and came prepared with a very specific (yet not overwhelming) questionnaire that not only gave her a sense of what we wanted for our big day, but also proved that she wanted to get to know us as people. She showed us real examples of her work for couples with similar budgets and size restrictions. We even came up with a design, color scheme, and theme at that very first meeting! We also appreciated that she showed us her wedding planning portal, which she sets up for all couples to track budget, guest lists, checklists, design elements, and more…all this before even booking her as our planner. Laying out her services right off the bat without any strings attached definitely set Sarah apart from her competition. We booked Sarah for both wedding planning and design for the entirety of our 14 month engagement. Within a week we were already attending meetings with vendors. We really appreciated how Sarah helped us prioritize our budget and narrowed down the hundreds of options for vendors so that we could focus on a more manageable list for each category. If for some reason we didn’t find what we wanted in that short list, she had no problem finding more for us until we landed with someone we loved. Sarah showed up to every single vendor meeting we went to, regardless of the day or time, fielding questions, communicating our vision, and taking detailed notes. It really helped make us very comfortable when choosing the players for our wedding. Part of our package included unlimited communication…and we used it! I’m sure I averaged 1-2 emails a day (and many more toward the end) and Sarah answered each email diligently, never making us wait more than an hour or two. We had weekly phone meetings to keep tabs on action items. Even as we neared the wedding and I was not the nicest person, Sarah remained calm and patient and ensured everything I needed was handled. She never once treated us with anything but professionalism and respect. Sarah became a real friend and made sure we knew how much she cared about making our day special. Our wedding went off without a hitch. There are always things that go wrong, but Sarah and 2 others from her team spent over 12 hours on our wedding day running around to make sure everything was the best it could be. Sarah created very detailed timelines for our wedding party and vendors that made sure even our flakiest friends were on time. We ran ahead of schedule ALL DAY! No one came to me with any issues…it was all handled before I had a chance to notice. Even better, none of my family had to deal with setup, cleanup, moving items between venues, or managing vendors. We could not have pulled off the wedding we had without Sarah. She made the whole planning process so incredibly easy and allowed our families the luxury of sitting back and enjoying the weekend. While I’m so happy to be married, I can honestly say I miss my Friday afternoon chats with Sarah. I would absolutely recommend Keestone Events for any bride. We were so lucky to have met Sarah and we can’t wait to see the beautiful events her team produces in the future.

    Heather, Bride

  • Sarah, Bride

    I am so incredibly happy that I chose Keestone Events to help us plan our wedding. Kristin was my lead planner, and she is simply fantastic. Kristin is detail-oriented, knowledgeable, organized, kind and caring. Covid made preparations a bit more complex than originally expected, and she handled everything flawlessly. Kristin introduced me to a number of wonderful vendors and helped me navigate these unprecedented times to pull off a lovely intimate daytime celebration. Kristin was always just a text, phone call, or email away, and we connected a number of times via video chat and in-person as well prior to the big day. Sarah Kee was also involved in our planning process, and I am so grateful for her creative input as well. I would absolutely recommend Keestone Events to anyone looking for wedding planning assistance. Thank you, Kristin, Sarah, and team, for making my wedding day perfect!

    Sarah, Bride

  • Sue, Bride

    I seeked out for help from the very beginning of my wedding planning. I read reviews after reviews and contacted a few wedding planners. I was even going to sign with another planner until I met Sarah! She was so well-organized and reassuring (which is what I needed at the time) that I changed my mind and decided to go with her! She was crucial in finding my venue and from there she helped me find every single vendor that was in my budget but still within lines of what I was envisioning. She helped me save money here and there and had it not been for her, I would have spent an exponentially higher amount of money for the same quality and experience I got from the vendors she had recommended. She sets up meeting in a timely matter and whenever I had panic attacks of things not working out, or other things not fitting into my budget, she would be quick to return calls or respond to my emails. That aspect of her service really helped me keep a peace of mind during my planning. On the day of, she made sure she had enough helpers to help things to smoothly and I did not have to worry about A SINGLE THING! It was truly wonderful to know that there was someone who knew all the little quirks of my wedding details and had a timeline of how we wanted things to go. On my wedding day, all I had to do was get ready, walk down the aisle, and have fun! I didn’t even need to have any of my friends or bridesmaids help set up or take away from their enjoyment of the occasion. I don’t know what I would have done without Sarah, except not have a wedding. Truly a god-send that she was my wedding planner. I would recommend her to anyone!

    Sue, Bride

  • Jennifer, Bride

    Do yourself a favor and hire Tzahhia with Keestone Events as soon as possible. This is the best wedding gift you can give yourself. To be completely honest, my mom wasn’t sold on the idea that we needed a month-of coordinator, or a coordinator at all for that matter, but if you ask her now where the best money was spent, without hesitation she will tell you Keestone Events. We booked the month-of coordination + design services for our September wedding and Keestone delivered exactly what we needed and more. Tzahhia helped make the vision I had a reality. I leaned heavily on her expertise as she provided guidance, recommendations, kept me on schedule and alleviated so much stress. When the 30ish days before the wedding arrived, Tzahhia stepped in and my life got easier. There was a seamless transition as she took over vendor communications and the big day quickly approached. If any issues arose during the wedding, I had no idea because she quietly took care of everything and made sure the entire day ran smoothly. She thought of everything. She even placed a box of our wedding cake in the getaway car since we completely forgot to grab some for ourselves during the reception. Tzahhia/Keestone Events helped make our day an absolute dream and it was a party we will never forget. For that, we are forever grateful!

    Jennifer, Bride

  • Grace, Bride

    Sarah did a great job with our wedding! She always replied to emails promptly and most of the time I was able to reach her when I called. If not, she would call me back right away. She helped in the beginning with providing lots of suggestions for vendors and helping me make decisions when I was indecisive. As it got closer to the wedding, we set up phone calls every 2 weeks to make sure we covered all the little details. She made a detailed timeline for the day of the wedding and distributed it to all the vendors and wedding party. She brought along 2 assistants for the day of the wedding, and I’m so glad her and her team were there. They made sure all the vendors were there, that everything was set up correctly, and that we kept to our schedule. I think something happened with our cake not showing up on time, but she handled everything behind the scenes so I wouldn’t have to worry. When it was time to start the ceremony, the cake was right there in place. I know our wedding wouldn’t have run as smoothly as it did if we didn’t hire Sarah! It was so nice to just enjoy our wedding without having to worry about all the vendors and the little details. Finally, I thought her pricing was very reasonable, and her service was comparable to what I would have gotten paying a ton more. We had an awesome wedding and would definitely recommend Sarah and her team to any future brides and grooms!

    Grace, Bride

  • Jessica, Bride

    Tzahhia was the best planner I could have asked for! I originally was drawn to Tzahhia because of her professionalism and ability to stay calm and collected during my brother’s wedding (she was also their planner). As we worked together for my wedding, she made sure I had everything I wanted in a wedding, while also being conscious of the budget, which I really appreciated! She is incredibly organized; you will have excel spreadsheets on practically everything you need to know about your big day. She also went above and beyond, from the design board, to the flowers, to executing the wedding (to perfection!). If I requested something specific, she did everything she could to make sure it happened. My wedding was just that – everything I could have dreamed of! She has some incredible ideas and is very talented. She planned things I didn’t even know about! I don’t know what I would have done without her!!

    Jessica, Bride

  • Lexie, Bride

    Sarah is incredible! She is very professional, experienced, kind, and completely committed to making your wedding dreams come true! My wedding day was seamless thanks to Sarah. She kept things on schedule and handled the mess of coordinating and confirming with all of the vendors. She was a delight to work with and a great wedding planner!

    Lexie, Bride

  • Mandi, Bride

    WOW! Sarah and her team were nothing short of amazing. I did plan most my wedding myself and used Sarah as a coordinator and she flawlessly executed everything that I wanted! I could not even begin to imagine how my day would have gone without her. Sarah also gave me wonderful ideas throughout the planning process, and several of the ideas that she gave us ended up playing huge roles in how much fun our wedding was! Sarah is very organized and professional. Sarah contacted all of my vendors before the wedding and provided them with all the information they needed, even my vendors told me how wonderful she was! She kept the night so organized and that allowed me to just have fun and enjoy my wedding day, she would just find me, tell me where to be and when, and kept the day and night going. As with every wedding, there were a few minor things that happened but thanks to Sarah, I seriously did not even notice until I found out about them after the wedding. I could not imagine my wedding without Sarah’s help. She was worth every penny!!!! If I could give Sarah more than 5 stars I would. Thank you Sarah for helping me have the wedding of my dreams!!

    Mandi, Bride

  • JazzMarie, Bride

    Sarah was amazing to work with and incredibly helpful throughout the entire planning process (approx. 12 months). She always made herself available. We had check-in phone calls, she provided vendor recommendations, guidance on ideas and how to make them a reality, calmed me down/handled a situation when something wasn’t going as planned, etc. Pinterest is great, but you can’t do everything you “pin”, so I’d bring my ideas to her, and she would work through them with me so I could have my DREAM wedding…and on June 13th, I had my absolute DREAM wedding. It was better than I could have ever imagined. We had our ceremony and reception at separate locations, and she coordinated the vendors, setup everything at the reception, and handled the rain without a hiccup when some of our activities were outdoors. I would recommend her over and over again.

    JazzMarie, Bride

  • Annie, Bride

    My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Tzahhia (for full planning) at Keestone. She made planning literally such a breeze!! She was organized, kind, and so calming! It was so nice to have all of the behind the scenes and details coordinated for us. Our wedding turned out even more beautiful than we imagined!! There was never any push to increase costs, and we never felt pressured to go against our preferences. I never thought I would be sad to be done with planning but I am!! Honestly, our wedding would not have been the same without this talented group. You will not regret this! We love you Keestone Events!

    Annie, Bride

  • Leslie, Bride

    I was so lucky to find Keestone Events on Facebook. I sent an email to Keestone Events, and Sarah, the owner of Keestone events, contacted me via email immediately. I then spoke to Sarah over the phone and I knew that she would be the perfect person to plan our wedding. My husband I live in El paso, Keestone Events is based in Dallas, and the wedding was to be held in Houston…one would think that this would be an issue; however, Sarah made it so easy. She was so understanding and easy to work with! Planning a wedding to be held in Houston while living in El Paso was easy because I had Sarah and Keestone Events. Not only did Sarah do an amazing job throughout the wedding planning process, but she did an amazing job on the wedding day as well. Her assistants were also wonderful! I am so happy that I chose Keestone Events to plan our wedding. I know my new husband, and our families are happy as well! I highly recommend Keestone Events.

    Leslie, Bride

  • Ivana, Bride

    From my first meeting with Sarah and Tzahhia, I just knew that I would I be in great hands!!

    They were very welcoming and constantly re-assured me that they would do everything they could to ensure my special day went as smooth as possible! Although, I ended up having to postpone my wedding until this year, Tzahhia made sure to stay in communication with me over the last year in a half. I chose the month of coordination package; however, she was always available to help me anytime I needed her throughout the wedding planning process.

    I absolutely loved the fact that Tzahhia was very organized, innovative, and paid great attention to every single detail. I also, appreciated how Tzahhia took notes every time we met and was able to give great feedback while asking all the right questions to ensure all areas of the wedding planning process were covered. She frequently communicated with all my vendors and always kept me in the loop. She was quick to handle any vendor inquiries and review over the vendor contracts to ensure everyone was adhering to their part. This really did place my mind at ease throughout the wedding planning process.

    Furthermore, Tzahhia never hesitated to help me with last minute things that came up and always offered words of encouragement especially as my stress levels increased closer to the wedding day which I really appreciated!
    Tzahhia and her assistants on my wedding day were awesome! Even when we ran a little off schedule, she was able to act quickly and make any small changes necessary to keep the day moving. I just don’t know what I would have done without her!

    My experience with Keestone Events has truly been amazing!! Thank you!!

    Ivana, Bride

  • McKenna, Bride

    I had the best experience planning my wedding with Stephanie. I am a very type A person, so when it came to picking a wedding planner I was worried I wouldn’t find someone as organized and detail-oriented as I knew I would be. I feel so lucky to have found Stephanie, as she exceeded all my expectations. She was on top of everything and I never once worried about something not getting done, or forgetting something. It was easy to quickly build trust with her and know that she would make decisions with my best interest and the interest of my dream wedding in mind. Having her input was invaluable as we went through the planning process. We really benefitted from her extensive experience when it came to vendor selections, logistics, and due dates for different items. I never once worried that she and her team wouldn’t deliver on all we had worked on, and truly felt no stress on the wedding day. Stephanie is an amazing planner, but also an amazing person whom I truly loved getting to know and work with. I would highly recommend her to any bride looking for someone to bring their dream wedding to life, and to minimize the stress while doing it. While I hope to never have another wedding, I do hope I have another opportunity to work with Stephanie again!

    McKenna, Bride

  • Kylie, Bride

    Sarah & her team were AMAZING!!!! The second I met Sarah, I knew she was the one to make our wedding gorgeous so I booked her on the spot! I was right… she did make our wedding gorgeous and a night to remember! I had ZERO issues with Sarah or her team! Sarah is super easy to reach, comes with brilliant ideas, is budget conscious, and overall is just SUPER AMAZING at what she does! I booked her a year in advance, and she was right by my side throughout everything! I am so so so happy I hired her as a wedding planner! We couldn’t have pulled this together without her! Sarah, you are talented at what you do! Thank you for EVERYTHING! Our wedding was perfect!!!! Brides, do not hesitate to book Sarah as your planner! You will want her on your side, helping you make decisions because after awhile, it will become daunting. Sarah helps steer you through everything, which is so important! You cannot put a price on your sanity 🙂 Trust me, you will NOT regret booking her!

    Kylie, Bride

  • Laura, Mother-of-the-Bride

    What a wonderful wedding! I still reflect on the day and how I would not change a thing. It was the best and I got to enjoy every minute of it because Tzahhia and her team were fabulous. She was so professional and organized and helpful – I don’t think I truly knew what to expect when we hired her but it was beyond anything I could of imagined. My stress level went way down and she thought of things I never would of known to do. She is so wonderful to work with and she is just a beautiful person! Thanks for helping make our daughter’s wedding the best!

    Laura, Mother-of-the-Bride

  • Carson, Groom

    I was the groom in an event that Sarah helped plan and execute, flawlessly. I must admit at first I was very skeptical if we would even need her services or if they would be worth the money. but even before the big day she won me over with her professionalism, attention to detail, and competence in the planning of our wedding. I have a back ground in the military so planning and attention to detail is critical to a solid execution of a plan. Guys your focus should be on your bride. you do not want your bride to be worrying bout all the details and stuff that will pop up, and it will. let Sarah handle the details so you can focus on what is important . she knows what to expect the questions to ask and more importantly when to ask them. she coordinates with all the other vendors to keep everyone working toward your goal. yes i know you ask that family member or close friend to do it and they might even have the experience but if you trust them and depend on them you probably want them to be able to enjoy the day too. if they do not have experience do not test your relationship on this occasion, very little can work in your favor while a lot can work against you. You have already made one of the biggest choices in your life to get married. now make one of the best choices and hire Sarah so you and yours can relax and focus on what is important. you will not be disappointed her or her efforts.

    Carson, Groom

  • Lisa, Mother of the Bride

    Sarah Kee coordinated our daughter’s recent wedding. Her efforts were especially complicated as my daughter, the bride, was in college out of state during the entire wedding planning process. Sarah was professional, yet kind. Sarah and her staff went above the call of duty to make the wedding completely stress free for the bride and her entire family. Sarah’s calm demeanor was most helpful when assisting me, the mother of the bride, with a few last minute vendor problems and my stress and disappointment associated with these problems. She rectified problems quickly and to the best of her ability. The wedding included 300 guests and numerous vendors. Sarah and her staff masterfully orchestrated the entire event and assured that guests enjoyed themselves. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah Kee and her staff. Weddings by nature are stressful and Sarah’s ability to stay calm despite anxious parents, multiple vendors, and last minute adjustments was incredible.

    Lisa, Mother of the Bride

  • Candace, Bride

    Sarah and her team made a great event into a great day. Stayed on top of everything and kept us on track. She was courteous, efficient and patient. We even got compliments from other vendors about her. Highly recommended.

    Candace, Bride

  • Katie, Bride

    I felt like I was in great hands from the very beginning at our very first zoom meeting with Kristin! My mom and I continue talking about how stress-free the wedding day was because of Kristin and her team. I look back on the wedding planning after she came on board as our “month of” planner, and it really became a much more enjoyable process for us.

    She had excellent ideas, vendor suggestions, and was completely on top of every detail, including details I would have never thought about. Her spreadsheets were extremely organized, and it was great to have a to-do list for me to tackle weekly as we got closer to the wedding. She also did a great job at keeping my husband and I’s priorities in mind when it came to our wedding, and it truly turned perfectly.

    I had so much more fun on my wedding day than I ever dreamed possible!

    Katie, Bride

  • Joseph, Groom

    I cannot say enough good things about Sarah and Keestone Events. Sarah has been completely honest with us (which I wanted) since the beginning to the end. When we first told her our budget, she told us in all honesty that it might be a little over our budget (which I had expected anyways). It was really great of her to be honest up front because for me, I would rather be told up front instead of getting a shock at the end. And being on a budget, she always gave us cheaper options that would still work with our wedding. She definitely helped us stay around our budget and we cannot thank her enough for that. We also wanted a wedding planner because of how busy my wife’s work schedule is. Having someone like Sarah helping us with our wedding was so helpful and really helped us stay sane throughout the process. Sarah basically took care of everything. She would pick out options and all we would really need to do is to just choose out of the options she gave us. She is also very good at responding to emails/texts and she never gave the impression that we were bothering her (even if was later in the night). No matter the time, Sarah would always answer and respond to any questions we had. Sarah does everything well. There is nothing she can’t do. We went with Keestone Events for florals and stationery. I think they just started doing their own florals and stationery but we took a chance with them because we trust Sarah and believe in her abilities and creativity. We couldn’t be happier as both the florals and stationery looked amazing and we were so happy we went with them. We also worked with 2 other planners at Keestone Events (Jordan and Tzahhia). And they were both amazing in their own rights. Both Jordan and Tzahhia were so helpful during the rehearsal and the day of the wedding. In the end, I would highly recommend Sarah for wedding planning. Without her, our wedding would not have turned out as amazing as it did. I am so grateful for Sarah and Keestone Events!

    Joseph, Groom

  • Shirley, Bride

    Keestone Events was such a wonderful group to work with during one of the most important days of my life. We had the pleasure of having Tzahhia lead our wedding planning, and she was nothing short of excellent. We did the 3 months out plan, and I can’t begin to tell you how much stress was relieved thanks to Tzahhia. I do have to apologize that we constantly were changing things up, and even on our wedding day, we had some last minute changes to our timeline, but Tzahhia was very accommodating and on top of things. She also does some amazing calligraphy work on the side. So amazing that we had to hire her to make our seating chart, which she made by hand, and also our menus. Both were works of art. One thing I would really like to mention is about the end of our reception. Some of my husband’s family members were supposed to stay behind and pack the wedding items (such as the linens that we rented) into their van, but I guess it slipped their mind. Tzahhia and her team stayed behind and helped pack up everything and tried to get as much items as possible into my car. For the items that wouldn’t fit, Tzahhia personally delivered them to our hotel bellhop to hold in the luggage storage room. This really spoke to me about how much she cared about us and our wedding day, even when the night was already over. Thank you Keestone Events for helping us through such a crazy day/night!

    Shirley, Bride

  • Keenan, Bride

    My mom and I tried to tackle wedding planning on our own but we found out very quickly that we did not have the same vision for my wedding. My mom heard about Sarah from a friend and her daughter so we decided to call Sarah and set up a meeting. From the very moment I met Sarah, I knew we were in very good hands. Sarah is so positive, sweet, and upbeat. She had personal recommendations for every vendor we needed to make our wedding dream come to life-this alone was a huge lifesaver because my mother and I had no idea who to call/hire for my wedding. On top of that, Sarah suggested that we think about changing photographers-something I never would have dreamed of doing. I cannot express how happy I am that Sarah suggested this-if we would have stayed with our original photographer, our wedding pictures would have been a huge disappointment. Sarah was always available by e-mail, phone, and even text. Sarah handled any bump in the road (including disagreements between me and my mother) with such grace and finesse. She truly is an all around professional and I would recommend her to ANYONE that asked me who I used for my wedding. She is fabulous and our wedding turned out better than I could have imagined. Sarah was incredibly organized and was on top of keeping the lines of communication open between me and all of the vendors. She even typed up a minute to minute schedule and made sure that we actually followed the schedule! If you are thinking that you might need anything from a little help with finding vendors all the way to complete and full wedding planning, Sarah and Keestone Events is, hands down, the way to go. I feel like I cannot say enough good things about this company or Sarah!

    Keenan, Bride

  • Chris, Groom

    Sarah was incredible. She was the first wedding coordinator we contacted and I could tell after that first phone call that she had her act together–the most important quality for a wedding coordinator! We used her for month-of services but she went above and beyond to be present for our walkthrough with the venue and catering reps to ensure everything was complete. Inevitably, we had some last second needs (like a calligrapher) and she was able to secure us someone who could turn around our task quickly! And let me tell you about the rehearsal and day of ceremony! She was invaluable. Her staff that accompanied her on the big day also held Sarah’s high bar for organization. I would highly recommend Keestone Events. Our wedding was a roaring success and unforgettable largely due to her organization and execution. Many thanks! I’m even considering using her to throw a surprise party in the future!

    Chris, Groom

  • Maggie, Bride

    Tzahhia was a fantastic coordinator! Since hiring her in the wake of the pandemic, she was flexible, understanding and supportive as she helped with our wedding planning. Tzahhia gave plenty of suggestions and ideas that were helpful in our planning process. When we made the decision to downsize the wedding due to the rise in COVID cases, Tzahhia easily helped us make the transition in our plan for a scaled back wedding. The day of the wedding, she and her assistant were always present and went above and beyond to make sure everything ran smoothly.

    Maggie, Bride

  • Anh, Bride

    Sarah and her team were extremely talented, creative, helpful, and best of all accommodating. We reside in California but our wedding was in Dallas. I am a planner myself; however, long distance planning was pretty difficult and especially when we were both busy with work and traveling. So, we decided to book with Keestone Events for our month of coordination. I have to admit, it was soo worth it! Sarah responded to each email and each phone call PROMPTLY. She provided some great suggestions which made things easier for us to decide (trust me, I was an indecisive bride). Sarah diligently kept me on schedule up until my wedding day. Our wedding day was simply perfect! Sarah and her team did such an amazing job from coordinating with all the vendors, setting up the guestbook table, decorating our wedding cake with flowers that my florist left behind, and making sure everything ran smoothly. I would truly recommend Keestone Events to any of my friends and to all the future brides.

    Anh, Bride

  • Karen, Mother of the Bride

    I am absolutely delighted with the service that Sarah Kee provided my family. Sarah was supportive, detailed, and impeccably organized. The response time to emails and phone calls was almost immediate. I felt very confident that my daughters wedding would be beautiful and flow from beginning to end without a hitch …and it did. You know you have a great wedding planner when the other vendors at the wedding compliment your choice of wedding planners…and they did. Sarah is a professional with the skills & integrity that one would expect to find in a much older individual. You cannot go wrong choosing Sarah Kee as your wedding planner!

    Karen, Mother of the Bride

  • Chase, Groom

    Natalie and the Keystone Events Team are amazing. I am not one for writing reviews as it’s just not my style. However I felt compelled to do so because Natalie went above and beyond to make our day perfect. As a groom let’s face the facts we are merely the honored guests at the wedding. However Natalie and her team went above and beyond to ensure that our special day went off without a hitch. I throughly enjoyed our pre wedding meetings to ensure that every detail was taken care of. I cannot begin to express appreciative I am for their attention to detail and ensuring our wedding was as magical as it was. My best advice to anyone planning their wedding is to hire Keystone Events! It’s a decision you will not regret

    Chase, Groom

  • Taylor, Bride

    Keestone Events took the very scatterbrained vision I had for our wedding and created the most magical night ever! The entire year of planning they were a dream to work with and on the actual day of the wedding everything ran so smoothly and perfectly. We truly could not have had the wedding we wanted without them and we would highly recommend them to anyone!

    Taylor, Bride

  • Mey, Bride

    As a type-a control freak with a tight budget (the cost included honeymoon, accommodations for my officiant and family, flights for destination wedding) I was hesitant to hire a wedding planner – mostly because I was not sure it was worth the investment, but Sarah Kee with Keestone Events proved me 100% (happily) wrong. Sarah worked with my budget, tight schedule, offered me options when I was indecisive, and most importantly, she helped me plan the wedding of my dreams. I hate to use the word “perfect” because it is so clichéd – but it was absolutely perfect – more than what I ever dreamed of and the best part was that it was low-stress for me: she dealt with all the vendors in Mexico, she kept us on schedule, she made my appointments for hair/makeup for bridals, found vendors, everything. Sarah was prompt, professional, responsive, flexible, and precise. On top of that, she was creative and held me to my vision, when sometimes I’d make a decision just to make one. I am so glad that I hired Sarah, and I’d recommend.

    Mey, Bride

  • Kala, Bride

    I cannot say enough good things about this team! We worked with Tzahhia for 6 months leading up to our wedding. I am an incredibly organized and Type A person, so I was nervous I wouldn’t find a planner I could really trust and lean on fully. Nope – Tzahhia was TOTALLY THAT PERSON. She made us feel so confident, sane and comfortable with each decision and piece of planning. She sent us checklists to complete each month and was always available for a quick text, call or FaceTime. Our wedding weekend was executed PERFECTLY thanks to Keestone’s Team!!!

    Kala, Bride

  • Jana, Bride

    I hired Sarah and her team at Keestone Events for wedding planning, wedding flowers, and day-of event management. Sarah exceeded my expectations in every way. She did am amazing job with her attention to detail, professionalism, guidance, expertise, and execution. Specifically, Sarah helped me to plan the wedding within the budget I designed at a quality I would have never been able to achieve had I planned the wedding by myself. Sarah has many vendor connections and great ideas to fit any bride’s budget and achieve the theme and look you are after! I would have never been able to pull off such a beautiful, classy, and fun wedding without Sarah. She also helped me to ensure vendors were lined up in a timely fashion so I could have the very best team in place for my wedding. The flowers were absolutely gorgeous. Sarah picked out the very best flowers she could find to make beautiful bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and centerpieces for the wedding that really matched the theme and went with everything perfectly. The value was also amazing, and it was much less stressful for me to work with Sarah on the flowers versus working with other floral vendors. For the day-of event management, Sarah and her team went above and beyond to take all of the planning we had done and execute it. I gave over the reigns to her, and because we had worked on everything together, she had no problem ensuring everything was laid out according to the plans that were made. She is dependable and trustworthy, and I was completely comfortable handing things over to her. This allowed me, my husband, and my family to really enjoy the wedding, and we did. Sarah made that happen for us. I could not be more grateful to her. She also knows how to roll with any last minute changes. We had a groomsman drop out the day before the wedding, and then show up last minute right before the ceremony. Sarah took care of it, and no one was the wiser, including me!!! There are not a lot of people in the world you can trust to take care of something as important as your wedding, but Sarah Kee at Keestone events is one of those people. Hire her-you won’t regret it!

    Jana, Bride

  • Kendell, Bride

    Where do I even begin! I am so glad I made the decision months ago to pick Stephanie and Keestone Events as my wedding planner. When we first talked, the cost was making me hesitant and I wasn’t sure I needed a whole month of support, but boy was I wrong. Knowing Stephanie had all the details handled really helped me to just enjoy the last few weeks vs calling vendors and working timelines etc. She also thought of things that I would have never thought of myself that really helped make the day special. The day of our wedding was amazing. Stephanie ensured a smooth timeline and really allowed my husband and I to just live in the moment. Stop looking now and hire Keestone Events!

    Kendell, Bride

  • Thuy, Bride

    Sarah was absolutely wonderful to work with. Professional and courteous throughout, she initiated multiple planning meetings and always came prepared with materials and fresh ideas. Sarah guided us through the many facets that go into planning a wedding and helped us make sense of the otherwise overwhelming number of possibilities. Although it is her goal to make your dream wedding a reality, Sarah is not a “yes man.” She is an experienced professional, and she is always ready to offer her advice and guidance when it comes to design, logistics, and overall practicality. Sarah offers a wide range services, from minimal assistance to the full service package. Since we are both busy professionals, we chose the full service package, and we’re extremely glad we did. Sarah saved us tons of time and frustration by scouring the Internet for the best possible vendors, leaving us to pick from the three or four best options. She’s willing to assist with the nitty gritty manual labor to whatever degree you desire. And, most importantly for us, she’s willing to travel. Our wedding was four hours away from Keestone Events, but Sarah made several trips with us to the venue during the months prior to the wedding. On the day of, Sarah proved absolutely vital, as she worked with the venue’s wedding coordinator to make sure all the moving parts were in their correct place. The wedding went fantastic. We received so many compliments on how beautiful it was, and we couldn’t have done it without Keestone Events. We’re so glad we hired Sarah, and we’re happy to recommend her services for both weddings and general event planning.

    Thuy, Bride

  • Alexandra, Bride

    Sarah and her team are amazing. I spoke with five different planners, and chose Sarah because she customizes services depending on what the bride wants, and was transparent – she walked me through her organization process step-by-step. Sarah went above and beyond as a planner when I had to postpone my wedding by 10 months. I didn’t have to worry at all about communicating with my vendors – she handled it all beautifully! She also did a wonderful job narrowing down vendors for me to choose from, and I loved every single one of them. I also had the opportunity to meet Tzahhia and Stephanie during my wedding weekend and they were on top of it! The execution of the rehearsal, getting-ready, ceremony, and reception was flawless thanks to Keestone Events. I would recommend them to anyone!

    Alexandra, Bride

  • Halley, Bride

    When I met with Sarah for the first time, I let her know that I was looking for someone who would help keep me on track and would bring elegance to our ideas. We were planning our wedding in Dallas from our home, San Francisco, so being able to quickly place trust in our planner was a huge factor in our decision. After that call, Sarah introduced me to Tzahhia and I cannot express how incredibly grateful I am to have worked with her. Tzahhia created a design board for me early on in our planning process so I could narrow down colors and decor. I really wanted to incorporate black into my color scheme without it being too formal and she pulled it off perfectly! Her patience is second to none as I’m indecisive and my husband and I are polar opposites in every way (especially style). She provided me with florist recommendations (Jubilee Flower Co. – outstanding), linen ideas (BBJ – great quality) and support in selecting many other vendors. She even met with a few of our vendors on my behalf because it was tough for me to travel back and forth. Leading up to the wedding I can honestly say, I had no stress or worries because Tzahhia and her team were on top of everything. They were available throughout all of the planning via email or phone. Our wedding was the absolute best day of our lives and we still talk about how Tzahhia made our dreams a reality. If you are in need of a planner I highly recommend Keestone and Tzahhia – they are professional, provide incredible quality and care, and are a ton of fun to work with!

    Halley, Bride

  • Michael, Groom

    When you’re spending four or five figures on one of the biggest days/evenings of your life you want it to turn out the right way. If you want it to turn out the right way, you hire Keestone Events. Our wedding was a true test for wedding vendors and even the most seasoned would have had trouble. We had our wedding in the middle of the dreaded Icemageddon. You wouldn’t know it though if you attended our wedding. Thanks to the direction and help of Sarah with Keestone Events, the wedding was a haven where you forgot all about the crazy ice and weather outside. I could go on and on about how awesome our wedding was (which it was) but I’d only be parroting other reviewers. You read reviews to gain confidence and trust in the vendor. Keestone Events doesn’t need reviews. Just do a free initial consultation with her and you’ll see why. You can’t help but have confidence and trust in her by how organized and prepared she is. Keestone Events was one of those vendors that we picked and not have to worry about through the entire wedding process. At all

    Michael, Groom

  • Chelsea, Bride

    Sarah is everything and more you could ever want in a wedding planner! I met with a couple of other wedding planners before meeting Sarah and she made the decision effortless. I could not have imagined getting through the process of planning my wedding without her. We utilized her partial planning services as well as a few a la carte services. Throughout everything Sarah was only a phone call away if I ever needed a second opinion. She was always there to steer us in the right direction and to keep us calm when things seemed to be overwhelming. Her organization skills are wonderful and she does a great job at keeping things on track. We loved having Sarah with us at vendor meetings, she was essentially the one who would communicate for us, allowing me to relax! Sarah did more then I could have ever asked of her. On the night prior to our big day, I was unhappy with some of the decor in my reception area and Sarah was able to take care of that for me. She immediately started making phone calls to the vendor to resolve this issue for me. I was confident in her and knew that she would be able to deliver exactly what I originally wanted. I could not have imagined getting through that obstacle without her! On the day of wedding, she worked with the venue coordinators and the vendors to ensure everything was being delivered accordingly and that things were moving at a timely manor. She even helped to bustle my dress and make sure that I had a drink in hand! Sarah is truly the best at what she does and its clear to see she loves her job! I would recommend Sarah in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a wedding / event planner and I owe it all to her for helping me create and bring to life the wedding of our dreams. We are so thankful for her and the whole Keestone Events team 🙂

    Chelsea, Bride

  • Christina, Bride

    I am SO happy with our decision to go with Keestone Events as the month of planner. Kristin was absolutely amazing in every single aspect! I was very thorough in my search and talked to many wedding planners before finally deciding, but as soon as I talked to Kristin I knew it was the perfect match! I am very detailed oriented and sometimes have a hard time giving over control of little details. After our first conversation (and talking spreadsheets, details, and logistics) I had no doubt in my mind that I would be able to trust Kristin to execute my vision and ease my mind through the entire process. The weeks leading up to the wedding she was extremely helpful in keeping me on track and making sure nothing slipped through the cracks. For the day of the wedding all I can say is WOW. Between all the excitement, jitters, emotions, etc. the day flew by so quickly and thanks to Kristin I didn’t have worry about a single thing besides marrying my best friend. Kristin and her team took care of everything and went above and beyond to make sure myself, my husband, and our families were always taken care of. The attention to detail, logistics, timeline, and design was absolutely incredible. I later found out my husband forgot his bow tie before the ceremony (classic guy move haha), but Kristin got it to him with no problem without me even knowing it was missing in the first place. Thank you Kristin for helping make our day unforgettable! We couldn’t have imagined a more prefect day.

    Christina, Bride

  • Mary, Bride

    Let me start off by saying Sarah is absolutely the BEST! Sarah was my first and only wedding planner I met with because after our first meeting I was already hooked and didn’t need to look any further. Sarah often joked that I was pretty casual and made decisions quickly, but that’s because she was so great at making the environment and planning feel that way! Every time I had a thought or idea, she instantly brought it to life and even better. She was SO organized with spreadsheets on spreadsheets that it made it easy to go through and KNOW everything was being taken care of. My husband and I loved every single vendor she recommended and it made it so great that they had all worked together previously. It made everything seamless and low stress. On our wedding day I seriously had ZERO worries. Everything went perfectly. Every timeline was met and if there was an issue, I had no idea about it! Sarah made sure to check in on myself, my husband, our families, and the vendors to make sure everyone was doing great. Everyone from her team was amazing and made us feel so supported and special on our wedding which was such a bonus. My mom and I often said to each other after every meeting with Sarah–“I don’t know how we would do this without her!” and it’s the truth. My husband and I had the best wedding day and planning experience and we owe it all to Sarah and Keestone Events!

    Mary, Bride

  • Kristyn, Bride

    Sarah and Natalie at Keestone Events made our wedding day stress free! We hired them as a Month of Coordinator to help with the smaller details, vendor coordination, and day of timeline. Natalie surpassed all of my expectations. She ensured that our vendors and all of the wedding party stayed on schedule. Our wedding would not have been as amazing as it was without her. Thank you, Natalie!

    Kristyn, Bride

  • Nancy, Mother-of-the-Bride

    Keestone Events was exactly what we needed to have the perfect wedding! Stephanie was so organized and gave us the guidance we needed to stay on task and get things done so that everything went smoothly. Her calm and encouraging presence was so helpful. We had a gorgeous wedding that went off seamlessly. I highly recommend Keestone for anyone planning a wedding. This was the best investment we could have made!

    Nancy, Mother-of-the-Bride

  • Kayla, Bride

    BEST DECISION WE MADE! Our wedding planner through Keestone Events was simply a match made in heaven. Tzahhia gave 100% effort to making sure our vision for our wedding came true on our wedding day. Every meeting was organized and productive. She removed all stress from the situation and was such a good person to have for advice and feedback! Our wedding day was so perfect because of Tzahhia! I HIGHLY recommend her and Keestone Events!

    Kayla, Bride

  • Katie, Bride

    Sarah did an amazing job planning our wedding! We are not advance planners and I had almost zero vision of what I wanted our wedding to look like when we hired her. She did a really good job of asking the right questions and got me to give both her and myself an idea of what I was looking for, and the final result was PERFECT. I could never have done this on my own. Sarah was on top of everything with the vendors, and helped coordinate between them and my mother who lives on the other side of the country. I had been extremely busy with work and took forever to respond to her emails but she was so patient and everything got done with plenty of time left. The day of went smoothly and was a blast – my husband already asked if we could get married again 🙂 and we had multiple discussions after the fact about how great Sarah was!

    Katie, Bride

  • Margaret, Bride

    We searched and searched for a month-of planner for our rehearsal dinner. Our friends recommended Kristin, who planned their beautiful wedding. Kristin did a PHENOMENAL job on our rehearsal dinner. Working with Kristin was easy — she promptly replied to e-mails, followed up with vendor status reports without us asking, and thoughtfully noted and executed every preference we had about the rehearsal dinner. If we told something to Kristin, I never had to think twice about whether it would be accomplished. She was detailed-oriented. She effortlessly ensured the salmon was cooked to our liking for the seated dinner while also discreetly directing the order of the speeches. The timing of the evening went exactly as planned. There is so much going on the weekend of your wedding — I knew I could trust Kristin with the entire rehearsal dinner. It was a huge burden lifted knowing I didn’t have to worry about that and could focus on enjoying the evening and preparing for the wedding. I only learned about Keestone Events when I asked about wonderful month-of planners for the rehearsal dinner. I would absolutely trust them with planning the entire wedding weekend as well!

    Margaret, Bride

  • Chris, Groom

    My wife and I recently got married in Frisco, TX (near Dallas) and I’m happy to report that it was PERFECT. I’m a realistic person and was expecting a bunch of little things (and perhaps a few bigger things) to go wrong but NOTHING went wrong. It was a perfect, unforgettable, night. I’m 1000% sure it would not have been the case had Sarah not been there making sure everything went off without a hitch. From the very first phone call meeting up until our grand exit she was professional, kind, and dependable. She made everything easy. Painless. Perfect. She was helpful throughout and very experienced. One standout moment was during the ceremony rehearsal. Sarah was giving us advice and told us if any of the rings get dropped that no one should move and only the best man should go pick it up. I kind of smirked to myself and said that would never happen….I will never be so smug again. Our officiant dropped my ring during the actual ceremony, the room fell silent, and my heart dropped. BUT we were ready! Thanks to Sarah! My best man trotted down the steps, picked up the ring, everyone clapped, and it was a perfect wedding. This is just one example of her foresight and attention to detail but is one I could never forget. Our only regret is not having her sooner as we only heard about her about 2 months out. She took over our planning and made sure all of our vendors and all of the little details we wanted were executed with surgical precision. If we had her from the start we probably could have avoided TONS of stress and heartache. We could not recommend Sarah Kee and her team more. She will take care of issues that you didn’t even realize were issues. I’m sure she took care of a million things that even my wife and I are not aware of. Above all, you can tell she really cares about making it a perfect event for you. Thanks again Sarah!

    Chris, Groom

  • Virgina, Mother-of-the-Bride

    We used Keestone for my daughter’s wedding because she had admired how well they worked for a friend’s wedding. Brittany came in for the last month and the timing was perfect. Our venue had complex requirements and restrictions, but Brittany was on top of everything, remaining calm no matter what issues popped up! The wedding was everything I hoped for, and Keestone and Brittany were a huge part of that. They have my eternal gratitude and admiration!

    Virgina, Mother-of-the-Bride

  • Alexandra, Bride

    Sarah and her team are amazing. I spoke with five different planners, and chose Sarah because she customizes services depending on what the bride wants, and was transparent – she walked me through her organization process step-by-step. Sarah went above and beyond as a planner when I had to postpone my wedding by 10 months. I didn’t have to worry at all about communicating with my vendors – she handled it all beautifully! She also did a wonderful job narrowing down vendors for me to choose from, and I loved every single one of them. I also had the opportunity to meet Tzahhia and Stephanie during my wedding weekend and they were on top of it! The execution of the rehearsal, getting-ready, ceremony, and reception was flawless thanks to Keestone Events. I would recommend them to anyone!

    Alexandra, Bride

  • Stacie, Mother-of-the-Bride

    Words can’t describe what an amazing job Stephanie did for my daughter’s wedding. We are pretty organized people to begin with but Stephanie was always one step ahead of us which took all the pressure off of us and allowed us to enjoy the process and, of course, the wedding. She also was quick to offer any additional assistance that was needed. She always had a point of view on anything we discussed which was very helpful. And then she found a way to make it all happen exactly how my daughter envisioned. It felt like she was part of our family and I can’t thank her enough for all that she did! I highly recommend Stephanie and Keystone for any event!

    Stacie, Mother-of-the-Bride

  • Emi, Bride

    We had the best experience with Tzahhia and the Keestone team for our wedding. Her design aesthetic is what initially drew me to her and then realized her organization, encouragement and experience made the process a breeze! We had the full planning package and it was worth every penny. And in true Texas fashion the weather did not cooperate during set up on our wedding day. Not to fear, Tzahhia already had contingency plans in place so our special day went out without a hitch. I highly recommend Keestone for your special event!

    Emi, Bride