About Us

Hello! I am thrilled to introduce you to the Keestone Events team of DFW wedding planners. We put a tremendous amount of effort into each of our events, ensuring it’s uniquely tailored to your personalities so it’s all the more meaningful. From luxurious affairs of 400 to intimate destination weddings of fifty, we are here to help bring your vision to life.

We are more than just event planners and will also assist you in designing the occasion of your dreams. Our team takes inspiration from various aspects of your life to come up with a different take each time. As no two people are the same, each function is approached with a fresh outlook to achieve what you aim to celebrate and accurately tell your story.



    Lead Event Planner

    Hello, I’m Sarah! It is incredibly fulfilling for me to see a uniquely crafted, and flawlessly executed event that our clients will look back at fondly for years to come.

    Here’s a little bit more about my background: I received my Bachelors from Texas A&M University and Masters from Boston University. Upon graduation, I got a “big girl’ job in the corporate world working for a major retailer. It was not until a few years into the industry when I realized something had to give. I was looking for a new challenge and did some soul searching into what I was passionate about. 

    Little did I know that it was right in front of me! Event planning was something I had been doing on and off for over twelve years now and though it took me a while to make the transition, once I did, I plunged right in and never looked back!

    I believe in truly getting to know people, taking note of the details, and encompassing your joys in life to create an event brimming with personal touches and charming details. My team and I work hard to ensure we deliver results with warmth and efficiency. Your event will be a very thoughtful affair as I spent half my life growing up in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and China which has given me an immensely open perspective and different outlook. This has caused me to be very understanding of cultures and enjoy thinking outside the box.

    Getting better in this role is something I consistently strive to do, so you will find me attending workshops, conferences, and taking classes to continuously improve.

    When I am not working, you will find me cooking, reading, engrossed in a board game, or watching stand-up comedy. I also love spending time with my dogs and family! 

    Don’t be shy, drop me a line! I’m excited to meet you and look forward to helping you plan an unforgettable event.



    Lead Event Planner

    Hello! My name is Stephanie and I fell head over heels for the event industry while in a high school hospitality class and never looked back. My passion is this amazing industry and its never-ending creativity.

    After receiving my Hospitality Management degree, I started my career planning events and meetings at one of the largest hotels in Texas, then moved into a Social Catering Manager role at a different hotel. As Catering Manager, I oversaw all weddings and social events for the hotel and worked with all sorts of backgrounds and cultures. After spending a few years in that role, I moved into a couple of different positions within corporate events where I booked, negotiated contracts, and planned large conferences for various companies. Being part of this industry for so many years gives me the unique experience of being able to see and understand both sides (venue and couple) fully.

    Before I was a teenager, I was reading the instructions on how to fold cloth napkins from my mom’s Good Housekeeping cookbook. I wanted the Thanksgiving table to look just right. I am a true planner and organizer and enjoy digging deep for the perfect details. I know that embracing every day, every minute, every celebration, family, and friends is what truly makes a beautiful day. I know the importance of creating a unique experience for you and your guests and understand that the wedding planning process should be relaxing and enjoyable.

    There is only one chance to plan the perfect once-in-a-lifetime wedding day. You will get a new friend, sounding board, wedding partner, and true professional.

    When I am not working, I am most likely with my family and friends, watching a new Netflix series, or baking something sweet!


    Lead Event Planner

    Hi there, my name is Tzahhia (zai-ee-uh)! If you are wondering, “what kind of name is that?!” you are not alone. My name is indigenous to Mexico, and it means soul! Interestingly enough, I am the only lucky one in my family with a unique name that is difficult to pronounce (just kidding, I love how special my name is)!

    I am excited for the opportunity to work with you to create a beautiful and unforgettable celebration. My experience in a variety of roles has helped me build a strong skill set. One thing that sets me apart as a planner is my ability to combine both the left brain and right. My background includes working for a hospitality company that owns several venues, which taught me the importance of communication and teamwork when working with vendors to make each event successful. On top of planning, I also have an interest in interior design and have experience at a remodeling business where the focus is on residential renovations. This has heightened my level of detail and I’ve learned to keep an open mind when it comes to style since no client is ever the same! A favorite part of event planning for me is coming up with a design board that is unique to our clients while simultaneously guiding them through the planning process with choices that reflect their respective tastes.

    In my free time, I enjoy discovering new music; I always have Spotify running in the background! My husband and I love traveling, going to live music shows, and playing with our two dogs, Emmy and Luka!

    I pride myself on establishing a relationship with you and making your celebration a reflection of your love story! I value the importance of adding personal touches to your big day so let’s do this your way because it’s those thoughtful details that make it different and memorable! So let’s meet, share ideas over some coffee, and get to know one another!


    Event + Wedding Planner

    Hello! My background is in fashion merchandising and there’s no bigger fashion moment than
    your wedding day! When I was younger, I wanted to be the next Vera Wang. I would sketch my ideas for wedding dresses in a notebook!

    Although I love the beautiful details of weddings, my strength as a planner lies in my analytical skills. In the retail world, I’ve worked in both
    Buying and Planning/Allocation. A great deal of my job then revolved around timelines and meeting deadlines, which is so important to a successful event. I also worked with several different
    teams, from marketing to logistics, as well as vendors, which made me an expert

    Attention to detail, hard work, and a positive attitude help me set you up for a smooth and happy day!

    Fun Fact: I love to practice yoga!


    Event + Wedding Planner

    Hi there, I’m Hallie! Think Halle Berry, or Hallie from The Parent Trap and you’ll see a theme here.

    I have a fondness for all things organized (and pretty), which is why I love planning weddings!

    I would be honored to partner with you to help bring your dream day to life. My background is in advertising, and one of the biggest common threads between the marketing and event industry is the need to come up with rapid solutions under fire and the ability to adapt quickly to all situations.

    I value good communication above almost everything else, and you will see this as we work together.

    I am a Dallas girl, born and raised, and my Southern roots run deep – I still subscribe to Southern Living magazine and look forward to flipping through those pages every month. Good stationery is my best friend and a hand written thank you note will get me every time. In my free time I am usually hanging with my dog, Cuppy (yes, like from The Parent Trap!) or having a game night with my family or friends.

    Please know that not only is your wedding day special to you and your families, but I sincerely care as well and will be your biggest advocate! I truly want this day to reflect what is important to you, so let’s meet up and get to know each other and talk through all the details to make your day truly magical!


    Event + Wedding Planner

    Hi, I’m Skylar!

    I’m so excited for the opportunity to work with you to make your wedding day extra special. I have a deep love for all things organization, lists, and outlines, leading to my passion for planning!

    By day, I work in a pediatric hospital as a speech-language pathologist. My job entails attention to fine details, adjusting plans quickly, and working as a team. I strive to connect with every family I meet and support them through all highs and lows. I specialize in providing individualized care to fit the needs of each patient. Just as in providing care for patients, it truly takes a village to make a wedding day an unforgettable celebration.

    My goal as a wedding planner is to connect with my clients and their families to attend to all their individual needs and bring their dreams to life. I will be your biggest advocate and support system throughout this exciting time. My positive attitude, attention to detail, and ability to adjust plans quickly will ensure that you enjoy every moment of your special day!

    When I am not working, I love listening to live music, binge watching the latest top 10 on Netflix, being outdoors, and spending time with friends and family!

    I’m so excited to meet you and looking forward to helping you create your beautiful day!


    Event + Wedding Planner

    Hi there, I’m Stephanie!

    I would love the opportunity to work with you and bring your vision to life!

    With a background in marketing and corporate events, I’ve held several different roles within the
    hospitality and tourism industry (including a brief stint as a Flight Attendant!) Along the way, I’ve
    collected important skills– creativity, flexibility, organization, problem solving, and customer service – all of which have been instrumental in planning successful events.

    I truly care about my clients and understand the importance of creating events reflective of their personality and vision. Communication and building trust are of upmost importance to me and my goal is to make the planning process a fun and enjoyable one. I want to take all the stress off you so you can focus on enjoying the day and celebrating with family and friends. There is something so special and rewarding when an event comes together and it is my responsibility to make each and every event special, unique and memorable, down to the very last detail.

    Off the clock, you’ll usually find me doing something creative – practicing hand lettering, painting or graphic design. I love to travel and experience new cultures, entertain and spend time with family and friends. Flowers and snail mail are a few of my favorite things.


    Event + Wedding Planner

    Hi, I’m Kristin! My passion for wedding planning and coordination came to light while I was planning my own wedding! My specialty is to plan and execute your wedding so that you, your family, and your friends can be guests and not have to worry about a thing.

    My background is in supply chain planning for a company in the chemical industry. I love taking the tactical planning and mixing it with the creativity and delicate touch of weddings. My supply chain experience has taught me to always be looking forward to the next thing, which I apply to every wedding I coordinate. Getting to take what a bride and groom have thought about for so many months and help make it come to life is such a joy. Each wedding is unique to the couple and it is incredible to see those personalities come out in all of the details.

    I want you to be able to focus on experiencing the day rather than thinking about what needs to happen next – leave those details to me! I cannot wait to learn what is important to you as a couple for your big day and bring that dream to life.

    I love traveling with my husband and experiencing new places, cultures, and, especially, food! So far, we have been to 3 continents and 13 new states together, and we have much more to see. We love spending time with family and friends near and far.

    I cannot wait to meet you and learn about your vision for your wedding day!